3 Tips To Help Kids Brush Their Teeth

Is your child resistant to dental practices?  Luckily dentists are working with companies to make the task more fun for children.  And do not forget to reward them when they are doing a good job and making a commitment.

1. Colored Toothpaste

Companies make fun colored toothpaste so children can enjoy brushing their teeth.  The paste changes color once the appropriate amount of brushing time has passed.  So it is fun for kids and then parents can be confident that their children are doing a good job.  These toothpastes also come in great flavors like grape and cherry. Your child will eventually have to adjust to the minty flavor, but ease them into it.

2.  Musical Toothbrushes

Companies like Veggie Tales make musical toothbrushes.  So everyday when your child brushes their teeth they get to hear one of their favorite theme songs from their choice TV shows or movies.  This is another great tactic from the parental side.  Children again learn the appropriate brushing time since they are not supposed to stop cleaning their teeth until the song has come to an end.  And who knows? If they truly love the song you may find them even brushing their teeth more than they need to.  This would be a great thing.

3. Positive Reinforcements

Once your child has mastered brushing their teeth test to see if things have been working out.  Schedule a follow up dental appointment.  See if the dental routine is working.  This is an ideal time to also consult a kids dentist Las Vegas about even better practices.  But if your child has no cavities or less cavities then this means you have both been successful.  Reward your child by getting them a new toy or taking them to the zoo.  This will encourage them to keep up the good work.

Good dental hygiene is important and it is imperative that your child starts it at an early age.  Strong dental practices early lead to healthy teeth in the future.  Make sure your child also has the correct, strong diet. Too much candy or acidic food can damage tooth enamel.

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