5 Crucial Reasons to Visit your Dentist Every 3 Months

Top Dentists in Delhi advice not to wait for a dental emergency to pay a visit to your dentist. It is important to regularly keep a good check on oral hygiene such that your teeth, gums and oral health never deteriorate.

So, do not wait for a toothache or bleeding gums or sensitivity in teeth to visit a dental clinic.

Here are top 5 reasons you must keep your calendar dates booked with dentist appointments every 3 to 6 months-

  1. To Keep Gum Problems at Bay : Gum diseases are the most common problems in adults, report dentists in Delhi-NCR region. Advanced gum diseases are a major reason for tooth loss. If detected early on, it can be treated and condition can be completely reversed. However, if ignored advanced conditions like periodontitis may eventually happen and worsen the conditions resulting in loose gum pockets, swollen gums, bad breath, highly sensitive or shaky teeth. Regular visit to dentists for check-ups as well as cleanings can help arrest such problems early on.
  2. To Prevent Tooth Loss:  Wearing dentures or dental implants can be painful. Regular cleaning or scaling and taking dental advice also becomes important given our lifestyles. Lot of plaque is usually caused by the processed foods which are high on sugars and cheese and tend to remain stuck in our teeth.  Best way to keep your natural teeth intact is by ensuring a good oral hygiene.
  3. To Skip Dental Emergencies:  Just like in most medical conditions, prevention is better than cure when it comes to dental problems. Early detection of cavities, gum disease or broken fillings and gaps can be fixed with minimum discomfort opine most dentists in Delhi. They recommend acting upon early signs to avoid bigger problems like root canals, gum surgery or teeth removal. Regular visits to dentist is a certain way to arrest such issues.
  4. To Prevent Oral Cancer: Oral Cancers are more common in India. Dentists in Delhi attribute use of tobacco and similar substances as the major reason for the increased numbers. However, there are many reasons for the same. Oral Cancers like other cancers are difficult to cure.The best part about being regular with dentist visits is that they can screen you for oral cancer, which can only be treated if it gets diagnosed early on.
  5. To Maintain Overall Health: Gum diseases are usually also linked to other health issues such as Diabetes, Heart condition, strokes, pancreatic cancer, hormonal imbalances, stress etc. A regular visit to dentist and checkups can ensure prevention of Gum diseases thus regulating overall health.


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