5 Most Sensitive Causes of Tooth Sensitivity in Your Kids

Provided are the most common causes of teeth sensitivity in your children. Let’s also focus on some amazing facts and tips for better oral health for our child. At the same time, the parental observations are important too. Preventive child dental care is a key to providing your kids with the best dental health!

You might have seen your child complaining about the sensitive teeth. There are usually two probabilities – Either your young one is suffering from the teeth sensitivity, or this pain relates to something else. You cannot underestimate this situation ever. Our child can also grow some crucial issues even from a small (untreated) oral problem.

As parents, it’s our sole responsibility to maintain our kid’s oral hygiene!

We can prevent many dental problems in them with AWARENESS!

5 Causes of Tooth Sensitivity in Your Child

1. Your little ones with baby teeth

The temporary teeth of your kids may not initially have much exposure to the surroundings. When their teeth are exposed to new food, drinks and other things for the first time, they may feel some discomfort or develop sensations over the time. Such issues are resolved sooner after their adaptation to the new environment.

2. Dental decays

Improper oral hygiene and harmful foods and beverages can lead to the tooth cavity in your child. This condition may often develop the sensitive teeth. Prevent your child from consuming more sticky, starchy or sugary foodstuffs or drinks.

3. Children with dental braces

When your kids are with the braces, they will feel a bit of a difficulty clean their teeth. Unfortunately, it may leave some area of their teeth uncleaned, which can develop the dental plaques at a later stage.

Your kids should learn the right dental cleaning techniques!

Your child with the braces may also put some pressure on their teeth while brushing, which can damage the outermost layer, known as the enamels. It may then develop the tooth sensitivity.

A gentle and smooth brushing is advised!

4. Teeth grinding in sleep

Teeth grinding, bruxism, is a common problem in children. You may see your kids clenching or grinding their teeth when they are asleep. This condition can leave some small cracks (fractures) on their teeth and, therefore, the teeth sensitivity.

5. Your kids with sinus allergy

If your little one has a sinus infection, the discomfort caused by it may also relate to some pain similar to that felt in teeth sensitivity. To judge their sensitive teeth, you can tap their teeth and check if they have the pain experienced from it.

Never ignore your kid’s complaint about sensitive teeth

Don’t fail to look after if your kid has such an ongoing experience. Your negligence can actually worsen their problems.


For your child, it’s very important to learn the best techniques of dental care.

Help them improve their diet and lifestyle. The regular dental checkups are important for your kids. Preventive dental care is inevitable to follow!

Let’s make our child’s life happy and disease-free!

Manjitsingh Bhalla Dr. Manjitsingh Bhalla is a dental surgeon at Bhalla Dental Clinic & Implant Center.

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