One of the most effective means of preventing bad breath is a simple, cheap method that doesn’t involve buying expensive mouthwashes, gums, or any other product that requires a regular monthly expenditure. By using a tongue scraper once or twice per day, you can eliminate most of the root of your bad breath with a very simple to follow process.

The root of all bad breath comes from your tongue. The back of your tongue to be exact. Living deep within little grooves present inside your tongue are bacteria. These bacteria don’t get much oxygen, and as a result, they end up smelling really bad. This is the direct source of most cases of bad breath.

There are methods for temporarily killing or masking these bacteria, but they’re expensive and only temporary. While they’re effective to an extent, the individual most effective method involved is the use of a tongue scraper. Why spend money trying to temporarily kill off bacteria when you can simply remove them?

Tongue scraping is the easiest and cheapest means of removing these bacteria. Many people prefer to use their toothbrush to scrape the surface of their tongues when they brush their teeth. This isn’t the best idea, and I’ll explain why:

1) They often fail to reach the back of their tongue, which is where most of the bad breath bacteria live. Besides, seriously trying to reach the back of your tongue with a toothbrush could easily set off a gag reflex.

2. Toothbrush bristles were meant for scraping your teeth, not your tongue. The tissue on your tongue is far more sensitive than the surface of your teeth, and using a toothbrush can seriously irritate it.

3) The surface area of a toothbrush isn’t wide enough to cover your entire tongue.

A tongue scraper, on the other hand, is smooth, often bendable, and wide enough to cover your tongue’s surface area as it generally removes the bacteria from the back of your tongue and drags it out of your mouth. They’re also extremely affordable.

Regular tongue scraping is a cheap, healthy means of keeping your breath fresh and your mouth healthy. Used once or twice per day, a tongue scraper will be much more useful than gums, mouthwashes, or anything else that may cover up bad breath. It directly attacks (and removes) the root of the issue.

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