A beautiful smile is the key to happiness

Robert Zajonc, an American psychologist, conducted a study based on which he concluded that smile actually contributes to a positive mindset. In other words, smiling makes one happy. Isn’t that amazing? We humans work day and night to make ourselves and our closer ones happy. And just a simple exercise involving the stretching of facial muscles can help one achieve this much sought after emotion and that too without much effort. However, there are many among us who would rather stay poker face than express any emotion. The reasons may vary. However, a majority of them want to smile but face a hurdle that is connected to their oral health. Reasons such as bad breath, crooked teeth, missing tooth, stained teeth, crowded teeth etc. can prevent a person from expressing any emotion that might expose their teeth.

However, with the help of an orthodontist and cosmetic dentistry, the problem can be solved. The uneven arrangement of teeth is a hereditary problem or because of ill-practices during childhood (sucking thumbs etc.). With ageing, one becomes more and more self-conscious. This ultimately prevents one from indulging into anything that might project their image in a bad light. Facial appearance happens to be one area that everyone is overly concerned with. Bad teeth can affect the overall personality. Wearing dental appliances such as braces or clear aligners can help in straightening misaligned teeth. These dental braces or aligners are worn for a period of time and they are designed to apply a gentle but steady force that pushes the teeth back into their proper positions. After completing the course of treatment the dentist will ask to wear a tooth positioner. This equipment acts as a finisher that ensures that the teeth become accustomed to their new ideal positions.

A perfect set of teeth results in a beautiful smile. However, there are cases in which even when a person has straight teeth, still due to aforementioned conditions in the first paragraph of this article, their smile suffers. It also has a solution – cosmetics. Using treatments such as bonding, teeth whitening, dental implants, dental crowns etc. the smile can be designed to look bright, white and pleasing.

Clearpath provides high quality and affordable dental appliances like dental aligners that are designed to provide hassle-free treatment to patients suffering from malocclusions. When compared to traditional braces, these are attractive options and have rightly so become immensely popular globally. With the amount of flexibility and anonymity they offer, one cannot ask for more.

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