A beautiful smile wins a million hearts

A beautiful and radiant smile is always etched in every one’s minds and we yearn to see that person again and again. Perfect teeth form a beautiful smile and therefore models, actors, show anchors and all those in the showbiz make more visits to the dentist to keep their teeth in shape.

It has already been established that healthy teeth and gums keeps a person healthy and it is important, therefore, that we give prominence to oral health. Brushing the teeth at least twice a day, rinsing the mouth properly after eating, using the floss along with periodic visits to the dentist are some of the things that we must follow on a regular basis. It is also established that persons with unclean or infected teeth face more ailments than those who have hygienic teeth.

Oral health is also linked with long life and studies have shown that poor oral health can lead to diseases such as diabetes, apoplexy, heart diseases, Alzheimer’s disease and several other complications. However, due to heredity, some persons may have regular dental problems and therefore require constant dental attention.  The dental health arena has come of age now and with advanced dental equipments and technology it has become possible to find a remedy for all dental illnesses from a tooth ache to major surgeries.

A cursory look at the all the possible dental illnesses and their remedy are listed below:-

Plaque: – Plaque is the yellow deposit on the surface of the teeth and is caused by mouth bacteria. Excess plaque creates tartar. Tartar prevents the easy flow of oxygen across the teeth and stimulates the creation of acids which corrode and damage the teeth. Plaque can be got cleaned with a visit to the dentist. Consuming raw and fiber-rich food can also prevent the growth of plaque.

Cavities: – Cavities cause damage to the structure of the teeth. If untreated, cavities can get extremely painful, cause tooth decay and even loss of teeth. It is caused due to the accumulation of tiny food particles between the teeth. These mix with saliva and bacteria and stick to the teeth and melt the tooth enamel. Loss of enamel leads to the erosion and decay of teeth. The remedy to cavities is performed by drilling a hole in the infected area and filling it with resin or dental paste. Earlier treatment to cavities is essential since even the neighboring teeth are prone to be infected.

Bad Breath: – This is caused due to the breakdown of proteins by the oral bacteria. Bacteria feed and multiply on the food that is left between the teeth gaps, tongue and gums. These particles rot and cause bad breath. Bad breath is also caused by certain respiratory diseases, gastro problems etc. Regular brushing and usage of floss can stem bad breath and also prevent other diseases.

Gum disease: – This is caused due to infection to the bones and tissues that support the teeth. If untreated, these become weak and result in tooth loss. People of all ages are affected due to this problem.

There are many more diseases such as Canker Sores, Dry Mouth, Stained teeth etc. which can all be prevented with cleaner food habits, proper oral hygiene and adequate sleep.

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