A Parent’s Guide to Dentists

For your 5-year old, a dentist is pretty much a bogeyman with secret weapons and equipment. When the very mention of a dentist strikes terror in their heart and you find their tiny eyes grow huge like saucers, how do you possibly convince them for a friendly visit to the dentist? Here are 5 ingenious ways as to how you can get your kid to relax for the next dental check-up.

Visit Dentist at the Early Stage

It is understandable why a dentist’s office is so scary for kids. Lying on a chair in an unfamiliar room filled with strange objects with a masked man poking and digging cold instruments in their mouth is not a sound experience. It is enough to shake up a grown man, let alone kids. Familiarize your kid with a dental clinic. Let them know that this is where they need to go for all their dental worries. Let them accompany you for your own dental checkups. Once they have absorbed the sight of a dentist poking in your mouth and you still being fine, it will be easier for them during their own checkups.

Address Your Child’s Doubts

Being a child means being curious about everything and anything under the sun. Be prepared to handle a barrage of questions the moment you drop the word “dentist”. Rather than skipping the question and answer session, try addressing them one at a time. Keep it simple; you do not have to divulge too many details, but just enough to appease their curiosity. Rather than cooking up all kinds of false stories, it is a good idea to stick to the truth. It will prepare them for what is to come.

Reward Them

Promising a reward can do wonders in getting your kid to tag along with you to the dentist without creating any ruckus. The reward does not have to be anything expensive; something as simple as a chocolate, an action figurine, or just praises can do the trick. Keep the whole ride to the dentist upbeat and fun. Let them anticipate the impending visit to the dentist, rather than fearing it.

Stay Prepared For Some Unwanted Fuss

No amount of your coaxing, cooing or petting is going to work here. Be prepared for some serious tantrums unfolding, the worse of its kind. You need to keep calm and not lose to all the whining and pleading that your child will to do. Remember, the dentist and nurses are well experienced in handling difficult kids and they can take care of this too. Don’t worry, as just a piece of candy from the dentist after the check-up will bring the smiles back to their faces.

Do a Demonstration

Hand over a huge slab of chocolate to your kid and let them relish it to their heart’s content. When they are done, inform them that the chocolate was probably the last piece they would enjoy for a very long time, if they do not care for their teeth. To put your point across, show them a couple of images of rotted teeth. Remember, the images need to be scary and not creepy (you don’t want your kids to have nightmares). Explain them how the food they eat turns into bacteria slowly corroding their teeth. A frank chat about the importance of maintaining oral hygiene and visiting a dentist for regular check-up is necessary.

There is no other way to it; you have to be firm at times with kids for their own wellbeing.

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Convincing your child to go to a dentist can be tough, but you have to be firm at times for their own good. To find the best kids dentistry, click on this link.

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