Achieve a Celebrity Smile with Tooth Whitening

Have you ever noticed that some people seem to always look good, regardless of what kind of clothes they’re wearing, how professional their hair and makeup appear, or whether they’ve just gotten a manicure and pedicure? You’ve probably noticed that some celebrities are known for this. Indeed, the most attractive celebrities may go out for coffee in their sweatpants and flip-flops, but still manage to look great for the paparazzi. What is it about “the beautiful people” that makes them look so amazing as soon as they roll out of bed in the morning? One thing they all have in common is a sparkly white smile. But you don’t have to be a celebrity to get a smile like that.

While daily habits like drinking tea, coffee, soda, or green juice can stain your teeth over time, making them brown or greenish looking, most New Yorkers are probably not giving up their caffeine (or green juice for the health-seekers) any time soon. And even if you do somehow manage to eschew all delicious things for the rest of your life, just the process of aging itself can make teeth appear more gray and dull. Certain medications and illnesses can further exacerbate the problem. So let’s face it. Tooth discoloration is inevitable. But there is a solution.

Tooth whitening in NYC is all the rage. A professional tooth whitening kit can whiten your teeth to look like a celeb’s pearly whites in as little time as two weeks. To have a custom-fit tooth whitening tray made to comfortably fit your mouth, all you have to do is find a cosmetic dentist in NYC who offers this service in their office. You will be sent home with your custom-fit trays, tooth prescription-strength whitening gel, a tooth desensitizer, and instructions. At night, you will simply fill the trays with whitening gel and wear them in your sleep each night for two weeks.

To maintain your sparkly white celebrity smile after using your NYC home tooth whitening kit, most cosmetic dentists recommend using the tooth whitening gel one night per month. This is a whole lot more convenient than avoiding coffee, tea, soda, and green juice for the rest of your life! Before you just walk into any dental office asking for tooth whitening services, always do your research on the dentist who is offering the service. Look for a cosmetic dentist who displays before and after photos of actual tooth whitening clients. Choose someone with expertise and experience in offering successful tooth whitening treatments and customization.

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