Advantages and Disadvantages of Using Teeth Whitening Strips: Are They Hygienic?

Everyone spend a lot of money on teeth whitening treatments from dentists which usually have short shelf life. In order to get perfect smile and teeth in best shape, mostly people give up the healthy way of taking care of teeth and adopt methods which assure to provide fast and quick results. For less chaotic and troublesome procedure, many companies launched teeth whitening strips which give optimal results in fraction of time.  Their easy to use technique makes it more portable and one can easily use it whenever required without any messy results.

Every product has its effects and corresponding side-effects, with right amount of usage and time one can achieve optimal results. With maximum time of half an hour, one can have glowing and white teeth ready to flaunt. This time-consuming and cost-effective teeth whitening strip technique has earned a right position and popularity in the market due to its visible results. Usually teeth whitening procedure shows its results within 10 days time duration only but some of the products claims to have shown their respective results in less than 7 days of time period. The amount of hydrogen peroxide used in the strips is responsible for the effect it has on teeth.

Advantages {PROS}

•    Time consuming technique: within a week shows effective results

•    Cost effective: cheaper than other teeth bleaching products

•    Less messy procedure: no post preparation time or steps are required for making this treatment happen. A simple and easy way can lead to marvelous results if properly used.

Disadvantages {CONS}

•    The amount of hydrogen peroxide used in the product is directly proportional to the result it gives; thus higher concentration product can cause damage as well.

•    The excessive amount of usage of bleaching reagent (hydrogen peroxide) can harm the sensitivity of the teeth and can cause irritation.

•    Teeth whitening strips only covers a limited amount of area for bleaching the teeth, the one’s present at the back side will remain yellow and hence cause uneven proportion.

•    The natural buffer of the teeth is destroyed once the high quantity of hydrogen peroxide has been act on them in order to get immediate results.

•    One has to be extra cautious while applying the strip to teeth so as to avoid the contact of the active reagent with the tooth nerve as it may cause severe damage.

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