Aesthetic dentistry: The most commonly used methods

Cosmetic dentistry is a field with the best smile possible-not necessarily from a health perspective, but from an aesthetic patients. Although there is no question that takes care of your teeth for a total oral health is important, gives a nice set of teeth is also a very strong social attractor. Is one of the most common compliments we use, you have a beautiful smile. If you have not to this came in a while (or ever), you can see, someone in the field to see what can be done. Here are some of the most commonly used methods.

Tooth whitening

Tooth whitening is probably the most popular (and inexpensive) method in all cosmetic dentistry. Today, there are also products you over the counter, where you can buy, try your hand at lightening in the comfort of their own home. Of course, these products differ in quality, with some experts that its price is really no value, they charge. The same can not be said that it made professionally. With a variety of techniques, including chemicals, lasers and light, the professionals make a significant difference in the shade of the teeth.


Do you have teeth, the laying of you? Perhaps you have email or a broken tooth discoloration. Perhaps you have a tooth that does not grow properly. Veneers can help with these kinds of problems. Often, porcelain dishes, they should in a way that they are not detectable by any not already know in the. If you hide your teeth behind a hand if you are tired smile, this could be one of the better solutions for your problem.


Bonding cosmetic dentistry as a kind of touch, can be used in small matters such as patches of discoloration and to correct small gaps. The bonding material itself is a thin plastic that can be applied in liquid form to the front of the tooth. The dentist then uses a powerful light, material, curing, durable and suitable for everyday use. It is not the most dramatic procedures done in the field, but when well done, there is a big influence.


While fillings are usually not seen as in the field of cosmetic dentistry, more and more people decide to have their old metal fillings replaced with white, which are far less noticeable. If you get uncomfortable every time you open your mouth, this could be something to consider.

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