All you Need to Know about Teeth Whitening

White teeth boost confidence and helps in building relationships. Many people who suffer from teeth discoloration, have a low self esteem and they avoid public gathering or to interact with friends and family members. However, there is good news for such people. Many dental clinics offer safe and effective teeth whitening procedures.

There are a wide range of options to treat the discoloration. Custom trays, whitening strips, gels, etc. are readily available in the market. Almost all these are effective but it is highly recommended to consult a dentist and use any such product.


There are many causes of teeth. Genetic factors, side effects of certain medicines, poor dental hygiene, and food intake are some of the major causes.

People who naturally acquire yellow teeth and thin enamel due to genetic factors have less to do. However, with modern advancement in the field of dentistry, there are various treatments available. Another major cause is the side effects of certain medications. If you are using high blood pressure or antihistamines or other antibiotics like doxycycline then teeth discoloration occurs.  Poor Dental Hygiene is another factor that causes yellow teeth. If you do nor clean and floss your teeth properly, it leads to tooth decay, cavities and discoloration of teeth. Red wine, coffee, soda, using tobacco products also leads to yellow teeth.


The best way to protect your self from yellow teeth is through prevention. You should maintain a proper dental hygiene by regularly cleaning and flossing your teeth. You should make sure that left over of food particles do not accumulate in your mouth. This will help in reducing the stains.

Tooth bleaching procedure is an effective way to treat this condition. If you are a resident of Surrey, you can seek help from a dentist who has vast experience in this field. The bleaching technique helps in regaining the sparkling teeth. Although this is a temporary method, one has to go for re-touches at regular intervals as prescribed by the dental experts.

In addition, you can use teeth whitening strips, whitening toothpastes to maintain whiteness for a longer period. Many clinics offer in-house sessions to treat teeth discoloration. You should visit a trusted dental clinic and get rid of your yellow teeth as soon as possible to enjoy a cheerful life with confidence and high self-esteem. A good dentist can suggest various treatment options depending on your dental condition.

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