An Overview of Dental Art and Dentists

A smile is the most important feature of the facial structure and proper dental care helps to preserve the pearly whites so that you can dazzle your perfect 32. Oral problems like cavity, decay, gum problems, acute pain and more can cause serious discomfort and loss of self confidence and needs immediate attention.

Dentists provide primary and all round oral care to patients suffering from various periodontal, dental or oral problems and diseases. The stipulated function of dentist includes diagnosing and treating mouth problems as well as providing regular upkeep and preventive care to its patients. This includes cosmetic and general surgical knowledge and expertise. To practice this occupation one has to become a licensed dentist by studying medicine for four years with specialization in dentistry along with practical experience of at least 2 years. Only a qualified dentist with post graduate degree can open his or her own dental clinic.

There are various types of dentists who cater to various needs like

  • General
  • Family
  • Cosmetic
  • Oral Surgeon
  • Endodontist
  • Orthodontist
  • Periodontist
  • Pedodontist

Most patients prefer visiting the general dentist who can perform a wide range of simple tasks like basic maintenance of teeth, root canals, fillings, bridges, crowns, dentures, gum cleaning and care. Generally surgeries should be performed by specialists who are experienced in the area.

The dental world has made humongous progress since the time of its inception. Technological advancement has bought with its new trends and some of the latest developments in the field of dentistry have been:

  • Invention of natural, non surgical tooth replacement system
  • Stem cell incorporation in implant development
  • Invention of new type of Sinus lift implants which are extremely convenient
  • Flooding the market with a variety of novel dental products

Australia owns one of the most talented pools of dentists from around the world. Brunswick, Victoria has some reputed dental service clinics which take care of a variety of dental issues. Cosmetic dentistry is very popular in Brunswick as people are highly sophisticated and concerned with looking their best at all times. Family clinics are a one stop solution for maintaining healthy teeth and gums for all members of the family. Such clinics specialize in catering to all age groups. Australia is scaling heights of technology with inventing leading equipment and state of the art technology. These tools become effective in early detection of various problems with the help of equipment like intra-oral cameras, digital imaging gear and other specialized instruments. Moreover, it is a costly segment of medicine as dentists have been declared as the most financially affluent category of doctors all over the world.

Some dentists and associations fulfill their social obligations by volunteering at childcare centres and schools or offering free consultations to young children. Various oral health awareness campaigns are sponsored and promoted by dentists of Brunswick.

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