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We’ve grown up believing that chocolates are bad for us, they are responsible for teeth cavities and make them rot faster than they’re supposed to. Our mothers always frightened us to brush and floss twice a day, especially after we enjoyed a chocolate or two. But times have changed and with them, we now have news from the world of science that chocolate, the kind that’s made from cocoa, is good for you as long as it’s not too sweet or too sticky.

Chocolate contains tannins, a chemical that inhibits the action of bacteria that are responsible for causing cavities in your teeth and also prevent the bacteria from sticking to your teeth and causing less damage to them. Cocoa, the main ingredient in chocolate, is rich in anti- bacterial elements that help fight tooth decay.

An extract of cocoa that’s present in chocolate is more effective than fluoride in helping you fight cavities.

Foods that contain fermentable carbohydrates ( FCs) are the nasty cavitycausing culprit. Although FCs are found in chocolates, but the cocoa butter in chocolate coats the teeth, making it less likely to cause tooth decay, thus can be used as an alternative to fluoride in toothpaste. Chocolate may be high in sugar, but it melts quickly in your mouth, leaving little time for bacteria to attack your teeth and cause cavities.

Plus, if you brush regularly, you won’t have a problem! Dark chocolate is a great source of flavonoids, which contain antioxidants that protect you from toxic stuff in the environment like cigarette smoke. Scientists have found that dark chocolate has four times the antioxidants of green tea.

But remember to be careful before you indulge in the world of chocolate.

When we are talking about chocolate, we mean sweets made from cocoa, not the white kind or the candies that contain only sugar and colouring agents.

Also, you must compulsorily brush your teeth after you eat chocolate so that the sugar is not left sticking to your teeth. Besides this, you have to be careful about eating too much chocolate as the dark color and rich texture could lead to the discoloration of your teeth over a period of time.

If you really want to eat chocolate and have healthy teeth, eat it at one go and then brush your teeth afterwards instead of nibbling on pieces throughout the day.

For a healthy smile, brush between meals, floss regularly and eat plenty of chocolates!!!!

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