Dental Insurance: Use It or Lose It!

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December 31 marks the end of the plan year for most dental insurance companies. Dr. Todd L. Beck and his team at South Waterfront Dental take pride in doing everything possible to help you maximize your dental insurance. Your dental insurance policy allows for a certain dollar amount of coverage to be provided each year. If your maximum coverage benefit is not used during the year, you will lose those benefits, because unused coverage does not carry over to the next year. This is generally Read more [...]

Down With Debt

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By: Ellen Rohr Consistent, disciplined effort wins the race... As a consultant, I encounter resistance to solid advice. "Do THIS," I suggest, "and you can make more money." Most of my clients take the advice and the proof is in the pudding. They make more money. They pay down debt. They build wealth. Some don't. I can relate to the rebels. I, too, hate having to do something...even when I know it is the right thing to do! One of the biggest challenges I encounter is the suffocating burden Read more [...]

Compare Student Loan Consolidation

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By: Michael W To most of the fresh graduates out there, it is a painful issue to pay back the loans they have taken to support their college or university studies. If you are currently paying multiple interest rates to multiple loan agencies, you should know how that feels. Have you ever imagine that you can save thousands of dollars by consolidating your student loans? In fact, you can either go for federal student loan consolidation or private student loan consolidation. Loan agencies As Read more [...]

Creating Permanent Tax Savings

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By: Tom Wheelwright Temporary Tax Savings These are the type of tax savings where you save taxes today but must pay them later. In other words, the tax is being deferred. Temporary savings can be helpful in a tax strategy, but even better is.... Permanent Tax Savings These are my favorite type because they eliminate tax! So how do you create permanent tax savings? Let me first start with a question: Did You Consider...? Think about the next trip you are taking. Did you consider if it Read more [...]

How to rebuild credit – back to the basic..

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It's quite frustrating to experience indebtedness as well as experience foreclosure. You might as well would like to think that this would be one phase in life that you will be faced with challenges but you can't stop yourself from thinking and hoping that you'll get over it soon. You might as well be wondering what options you can get access with on how to rebuild credit after experiencing for a loan or credit. You may be thinking what you could have done wrong to bring you to this situation. You Read more [...]

Tips To Effectively Raise Credit Score

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By: wesvista If you are of the many people suffering from bad credit, don’t worry about your bad credit rating. Instead, you have to work to raise your credit score. There are various steps to follow to raise credit score, where the first one is to get a free copy of the credit report. You have to get a copy to ensure that the information on it is accurate. Inaccurate information can give you a bad credit score. Any errors have to be immediately informed to the three credit bureaus through Read more [...]

Credit Repair is More Than a Right, It’s Your Responsibility

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by Stuart Hunter The majority of Americans have errors and other unverifiable information on their credit reports that could be dragging down their credit score. Odds are good that your credit score is lower than it should be. The unfortunate thing is that odds are you will be yet another one of the millions of Americans who will continue to suffer with an unfair credit score because you will do nothing to repair your credit. Most Americans want to believe the credit reporting system works; Read more [...]

Debt Relief Options

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by Debra Proctor If you're losing sleep, are anxious and worried because you are deep in debt and are afraid that you won't ever get out, here are some debt relief solutions to help you through this difficult situation. Some of the best solutions are creating a realistic budget, consolidating your debts, hiring a credit counselor, debt management plans and as a last resort, bankruptcy. No one knows your current situation better than you so in this article, we'll explore each of these solutions Read more [...]

Debt consolidation Loan – Why Is It Getting Popular

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Debt picture In the United States, the financial pinch continues to worsen for most of the working class. Fuel prices continue to increase, food prices are increasing. Interest rates are moving upward again, particularly on credit cards. In some instances, a debt consolidation loan may be the best solution, at least in the short term to the financial stress. A loan such as this helps to stabilize the economic situation for the individual who is over extended and allows them to improve their financial Read more [...]

Moody’s Credit Rating – What Every Business or Investor Should Know About Moody’s Credit Rating

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by johncwhite Moody's credit rating is what many corporate lenders listen to when assessing a business or corporation for a loan. Founded in 1909, Moody's corporation does many things such as financial research on commercial businesses. They also will perform analysis on different government agencies. Businesses and large corporations are factored differently when it comes to finance. The large financial amounts of some of the contracts made cannot be handled by conventional banks and lending Read more [...]