Hearing Loss and Hearing Aids: A Critical Study

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I think most of you will agree with me that the omniscient God has given us five sense organs named as auditory, visionary, olfactory, gustatory and tactile to communicate well. Losing any one of these sense organs causes communication gap that may drive one up to the characteristic distortion. Perhaps, most of we have felt that we can learn more from an audiovisual medium than an audio-medium. To be more precise, we can enjoy and learn more from a television than a radio. As the statistics come Read more [...]

Tinnitus Cures That work

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Millions of people suffer from tinnitus and are searching for tinnitus cures. Scientists are conducting major research projects to study the role the brain plays in creating the annoying noises of beeps and buzzes that suffers are forced to endure. The goal is to find effective treatment and even cures for tinnitus. Supported by a research grant of U.S. $ 2.9 million National Institute of Health, scientists at the State University of New York at Buffalo, studied the brain signals responsible Read more [...]

Back Pain Advice:What I Tell My Friends

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Having suffered with bad back pains, a herniated disc and finally back surgery I get calls from friends asking me for advice in dealing with their back pain. Now I am not a doctor. The best advice I can give them is to see their doctor and find out if there is any serious damage. However being a friend I am willing to pass on some of the lessons learned from my experience. So here it goes: First take some over the counter pain medicine and get some rest. If the back pain does not go Read more [...]

Some Tips to Maintain Good Hearing Ability

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With ears, you can hear any voices in your environment. But, the ears must be in normal condition so that you can hear the voices well. When you have good hearing ability, you should take care of it so that you can hear any sound that you want to hear well. The followings are some things that you can do to maintain your good hearing ability. Firstly, you should consider hearing protection. This is especially for you who are in the area that is very noisy. As you know, noise can damage Read more [...]

Symptoms of Hearing Loss

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Most of the time people with the problem of hearing loss are not only aware of their condition. This happens especially in the cases where the loss develops gradually. Hearing loss is usually age related or noise induced but it is also possible that the problem will occur because of the some genetic defect, infection, or accident. By understanding the simple symptoms and indicators, the issue of hearing loss can be identified and treated on time. Some of the very common symptoms of Read more [...]

How to Lose the Belly Fat While You Eat Everything You Like, Take No Pills and Do No Exercise

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It appears to be an impossible claim, but it is true. The truth is it is impossible to stick to the diet plans and workout programs that are often advertised and to which we willingly fall prey. This is not to suggest that these programs do not help in reducing the weight, but we tend to gain the lost flesh as soon as we return to our normal diet and lifestyle that we really relish and enjoy. How long can we stay on restrictive, raw, boiled, bland, salt free, fat free and sugar free Read more [...]

Can An Anxiety Attack Look Like Happiness?

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"Anxiety Can Look Like Happiness '' This is an expression I got from a reader. I was completely amazed and I didn't know what to reflect about it. What kind of a person can think of such a phrase? I bet the person who came up with it is either not a victim of anxiety but if he or she is a victim, then he or she is always surrounded by help. That anxiety then shaped people around the victim to help him or her. Happiness is not associated with anxiety Happiness is a feeling that is produced within Read more [...]

Discover the Nutrition Facts Behind the Perfect Six Pack

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It has been seen that various dietary aspects have to be considered for removing the ugly belly fat and in revealing the six pack abs that everyone desires. The best nutrition secrets will be revealed here that are going to thoroughly increase the chances of developing the lean six pack abs. The top secret nutrition tip for losing body fat is the proper intake of nutritious food, which has to be carefully selected from the unsuitable ones in these confusing times. Nowadays, different panel of experts Read more [...]

Weight Loss – Dr Bernstein Weight Loss

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To achieve quick healthy weight loss, you must ensure that your weight loss program adheres to some basic tenets. Any quick weight loss plan that is healthy and effective must not be based on starvation, strict calories restrictions in disregard to nutritional value of foods and their balance, dangerous weight loss pills or any of those other delimiting basis on which many modern weight loss programs take pride in. A quick healthy weight loss must be intent on triggering natural processes in the Read more [...]

Mental Health Q&A

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Help me near this problem please....? im 17 and in class 12. i have this problem, theres this group of ethnic group who always suspend out together, im included, 4 guys 3 girls and one of the girls is like my best 'girl' friend and i close to her a lot, similar to i'd do... Im upset,i am with the sole purpose 15,please abet? I am a 15 year old boy who have always and other wanted a dog but my dad have never let me,psyche usually have the curious cry but know it is really getting to me,i just Read more [...]