Baby’s Teeth

When Should Your Child Start Seeing a Bend Family Dentist?

Parents make conscious choices every day to ensure that their children are healthy and safe, and deciding when to see a dentist is no different. While you might think your child doesn’t need to see the Bend family dentist as long as you don’t notice any problems with their teeth, experts take a different view.

A Growing Mouth should be Monitored

While many parents think that a cavity or a chipped baby tooth isn’t a big deal since they’re all going to fall out anyway, it’s important for your Bend family dentist to monitor the growth of those teeth. Under the gums, your child’s permanent teeth are developing in preparation for growing in after the baby teeth are lost. It’s essential to ensure that these adult teeth are growing in properly and that there are no problems under the gum line. X-rays are typically taken so that the Bend family dentist can view your child’s teeth and bones.

Problematic Baby Teeth

If your child is experiencing cavities or has had broken or chipped teeth, seeing a Bend family dentist is very important. Even though these teeth will fall out in preparation for the adult teeth to grow in, baby teeth that are damaged can be very painful. Many children who drank a bottle after their teeth started growing in will experience tooth decay, and those who have taken certain medications can experience tooth decay as a side effect. In addition to that, it’s not unheard of for children to chip or break teeth during heavy play. In all of these cases, parents should call their Bend family dentists to set up an appointment.

Routine Cleanings

Seeing a dentist is just as important when it’s for a routine cleaning as making an appointment for a broken or chipped tooth. Plaque is a white film that builds up on teeth, especially around the gum line, that isn’t all removed during brushing. This plaque provides the perfect place for bacteria to move in and settle. Plaque also hardens into tartar, a very hard substance that can’t be removed by brushing alone, and tartar can cause gum disease and decay. Your Bend family dentist removes plaque and tartar during routine cleanings as well as treats the teeth with fluoride to keep them strong. This is important, even for children with baby teeth.

The Perfect Age to Start Seeing a Bend Dentist

Ideally, your child should have a dentist visit by the time they’re a year old. However, many parents wait until their child is a few years old. Putting it off any longer than that is a bad idea, as your dentist won’t have a chance to look at how your child’s mouth and teeth are growing and developing. This makes finding problems early very difficult and can make pre-existing complications much more difficult to deal with. It’s also a good idea to have your child accustomed to the dentist early so they don’t develop unnecessary fears at a later age. The earlier you begin dental care for your child, the better off his or her mouth will be.

Remember to book an appointment with a Bend family dentist for your child by the time he or she is a year old, and to help him or her brush regularly and keep their teeth very clean.

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