Causes of Teeth Grinding

Troubled by teeth grinding? Clinically referred to as bruxism, teeth grinding is either a conscious or unconscious clenching of teeth during the day or when sleeping. It is a medical and dental problem since it affects the teeth and everything surrounding it, such as the head. It has also been found to be a psychological problem.

Causes of teeth grinding vary. Stress and anxiety are regarded as top causes of teeth grinding. The inability to find solutions to distress might result a person to unconsciously grind his or her teeth, or consciously find comfort in it. Suppression of anger and frustration can also trigger it, likened to clenching the fists when anger arises. Unresolved anger manifests itself in other ways, teeth grinding being one of them.

Numerous studies in the United States have found out that teeth grinding is an effect of other diseases. Examples of these are Parkinson’s disease, a degenerative disorder that affects the motor skills, or Huntington disease, a neurological illness taking its toll on movement coordination. The motor and movement problems caused by these types of disease can result to teeth grinding.

Dentists have pointed out that an abnormal alignment of teeth is a possible cause of teeth grinding. An abnormal teeth structure results to involuntary grinding when there is contact between the upper and lower teeth. This physical cause of teeth grinding can objectively be measured and treated; family dentistry Atlanta dental experts practice provide effective solutions for this problem.

Developing teeth and jaws is most often the reason why children grind their teeth. The growing stages of teeth of children 7 years old and below may elicit some itchiness in the gums and can motivate a child to grind his or her teeth. As teeth develop, the upper and lower molars sometimes fail to fit together, so children resort to teeth grinding to make it feel comfortable. Good thing there are many options on family dentistry Atlanta parents can seek help from for their teeth grinding children.

Teeth grinding may cause further complications, so it is advisable to solve this problem early on. Family dentistry Atlanta teeth grinders can tap will ease the dental burden; a visit to a doctor will provide information on physical disease; and psychologists will help resolve issues on stress and anger. Teeth grinding is a problem that encompasses many aspects and should be addressed holistically.

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