Characteristic dental implant

Dental Implant technology is a new project launched in recent years on Oral Therapy treatment. The teeth of talking about here is not really on a species or trees and natural teeth , but planting information on the implant to the alveolar bone, and then on to do a denture dentures repair approach.

Your missing teeth, more or less life will encounter trouble, such as feel sad is not particularly natural, eat certain favorite foods, even the old self-determination today, the real is real in distress will become history, Dental Hospital, the latest charge on the most advanced dental implant technology, missing teeth and the teeth of a friend to Recovery incomplete ever since then no worries.

Is there no better way for dental incomplete as ever? Understanding of the latest dental technology to the Dental Hospital Dental Implant through the network, it has beautiful, comfortable, realistic and many other advantages. Heal first drill a small hole on the alveolar bone, and then sophisticated computer design titanium dental implants which, installed prosthesis. The whole process is simple, no suffering. Now, after two months of fixed, Missy set good teeth and natural teeth to be reconciled, successful as ever.

DentalHospitaldentists understand that traditional dental approach with a hook or sets of dentures fixed on both sides of the well-being of teeth, affecting appearance did not say, only a handful of the situation led astray by the both sides of the real teeth. The dental implant as the latest international dental way, it features a distinctive features of the design can be for different conditions of the patients with a friend at the same time it is comfortable and beautiful superiority to the “critical” in Shanghai the people to bear.DentalHospital, the consequences of dental outpatient statistics show that nearly 2/3 of the teeth to choose the technology.

Advantage of one. Stable and reliable

Some of my friends often encounter such a situation, full denture wearing could not speak, and it is easy to eat scattered. Full fixed implant dental implant retention is good, wear than conventional dentures stable and reliable. Thus, the chewing efficiency than traditional dentures substantial progress, patients can Dental professionals to talk about the classification of beauty crown indulge in eating, said crossly, confident smile.

Two advantages. Comfortable and beautiful

Dental implant in the way of the traditional dental hook or sets, it is very beautiful, and seems to grow new teeth, known as the Vice human teeth. Meanwhile, dental implants, dentures, denture base is small, even without base plate. Which is very comfortable, no foreign body sensation, little effect on pronunciation?

Three advantages. Durable, not to hurt the long peace of the adjacent teeth, dental implant to obtain a recognized in Europe and theUnited Kingdom. The same time, it does not affect the well-being of adjacent teeth, and its independent existence rely on itself the root, and without grinding both sides of the well-being of teeth, dentures with dental well-being of the contact surface of food impaction leaving the Dental attention to the problem well-being of teeth nor the formation of the formation of new caries.

DentalHospitaldentists based on years of clinical experience summary, I hope this information helpful to you, show the following three conditions friend the most appropriate dental implant technology to treat missing teeth:

1. The front teeth scattered. Such as making the repair of dentures, the need to use the card ring or base plate, affect the appearance and pronunciation. The choice of the dental implant seems to grow natural teeth the same appearance.

2. Missing teeth and the rear there is no real teeth. No matter which approach is not satisfactory, the dental implant will have the best results

3. Full mouth or half a mouth of missing teeth. Using denture repair with increasing age, the upper and lower alveolar severe contraction, can show the long-term due to the tongue body movement and chewing dentures shift or move Alice food, damage mucous membranes, the formation of the ulcers of the oral mucosa, oral mucosal ulcers may be incurred oral mucosa cancer. The dental implant is completely prevents the onset of the above situation.

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