Choice between dental implant and bridge

Beauty of our smile is directly related with the perfectness of our denture. A chipped tooth, uneven structure, bleeding gum or any other problem related with gum or teeth can easily be a cause of embarrassment. None of us would ever want to compromise with the natural denture; we want to continue with the same for years. But sometimes our aspirations get thrashed and we are left with nothing. In case of any damage to our teeth, we are often found toiling with which technology to use to get back the lost smile. Usually, we get a choice between dental implant and bridge. Here, we are presenting few reasons which can help us in deciding.

  • Dental implant is very close to permanent solution. The tooth is drilled in the jaw and stays there for years and if taken care, then it remains for life, without getting damaged.
  • Unlike bridge which requires support of adjoining teeth to stay intact, implant stands on its own. It does not require backup to stay strong on its position.
  • For bridge, bend implant dentist shared that we have to take help from healthy teeth as well. We recommend this should be avoided as far as possible as it weakens our healthy and strong teeth in the process.
  • Further, advantage with implant is we can get it done for as many teeth as we wish or required. There is no restriction but with bridge we are bound to struggle as we cannot keep compromising the health of other teeth.
  • Dental implant though cost little high but they are no maintenance fixture whereas with bridge, we need to do damage control and will have to address their issues every 10-15 years.
  • We cannot even ignore the fact that implants look more natural and does not give the impression of broken teeth, which is quite noticeable with bridge. Cleaning is also easier with implants.

There are many such small advantages with implants which make it the preferred choice when there is requirement for replacing the natural teeth. Only time, when dentists do not suggest implant is when the jaw is not very strong. If there is any ailment in the jaw, this process is not undertaken rather bridge or crown is recommended. Good dentists always advice for following health check-ups to determine health condition.

  • Cholesterol level
  • Total blood test
  • Blood pressure
  • Hormone related tests
  • Diabetes and for any chronic ailment.

Once they have got a green signal from these areas, then they can decide which methodology to adopt for a particular patient. Course of treatment is basically determined by the dentist after checking the health history of the patients. Once this is done, dentists talk in detail about the pros and cons of both methods and thus leave to the patients to decide. One other restriction which can dissuade a patient is the onetime costs that are attached with dental implant as it comes out to be very expensive.

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