Common Dental Problems and its Treatments

Are you holding back your smile because of dental issues? Are you afraid to laugh out loud? America is facing a serious issue of deteriorating dental health. People often lack the will to take care of their teeth and this has led to several dental surgeries and implantation methods.


Los Angeles and Nevada are two places known for their dental advancements and state-of-the-art techniques. One common problem amongst teenagers and young adults are wisdom tooth. El Segundo’s wisdom tooth removal centers are equipped with quality dentists and technologically sound machines.


Wisdom tooth extraction


The procedure to extract a wisdom tooth can either be performed by a dentist or an oral surgeon. Depending upon the extraction and teeth condition, the anesthesia is administered. Sometimes, when it is just one tooth, a local anesthetic shot is enough but when there are multiple extractions, general anesthetic sedation can be administered.


The procedure is rather simple and involves minimal pain. You are just supposed to take care of it post the procedure.


When a tooth is removed, something obviously has to be filled in its place. These things are tooth-fillings. This filling is done to prevent any decay which may create a problem in the long run.




Earlier methods of filling included silver fillings, which were made of tin, copper, zinc and silver. These are believed to be a permanent and lasting solution. But the reason it has been becoming unpopular is because of the appearance. The silver fillings are quite easily visible when you laugh or smile. This makes it unpleasant.


A solution to that was devised and that was called Tooth-colored fillings. Tooth-colored fillings are made of strong composite resin made of glass particles and a particular type of plastic. It is a soft and malleable gel at first and when applied to the empty gap, it solidifies as a blue light is applied to it. El Segundo’s tooth-colored fillings material is of the best quality and of top-quality.


The reason that tooth-colored fillings replaced silver fillings is because of its natural appearance and cost effectiveness. The art of repairing teeth and above services like wisdom tooth extraction and tooth filling is done by a cosmetic dentist. Carson City cosmetic dentists are known to be one of the best and provide top-notch services. The various services such dentists provide are:


• Bleaching

• Bonding

• Crowns or caps

• Veneers

• Contouring and reshaping


You must choose such procedures with utmost care and precision. You should only go through with the procedure after a good consultation with the doctor. Your teeth are delicate and a single slip might end up giving a bad shape and appearance to your teeth. Hence, choose the right kind of dental procedure to keep that smile intact and beautiful.

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