Common Dental Problems & Their Remedies

Everyone prefers to have their teeth white and sparkling. Having a good set of teeth enhances an individual’s confidence along with their looks. Strong teeth allow a person to speak, chew as well as bite properly. Making use of toothpaste, tooth brush and dental floss can maintain the cleanliness and whiteness of the teeth. However, there are still instances when certain dental problems may occur.

Here are some common dental problems and the prospective treatments offered by Yaletown dentists.

Cavities or tooth decay

Sometimes teeth develop decay partly or fully. In such cases, the outer hard material of the teeth breaks, which distorts the structure and makes teeth sensitive to cold or hot material. Failure to properly clean your teeth, gums and tongue will allow an increased concentration of bacteria in the mouth. The bacteria come into contact with the sugar in your food and form an acid that eats away your dentin enamel. This protective structure will gradually decay and eventually collapse, forming those cavities. This problem can be solved by using tooth coloured composite restoration ‘filling’ material. Regular brushing, flossing, and healthy habits like not smoking and not drinking too much alcoholic beverage will help avoid cavity formation.

Gum Disease

The inner part of the teeth contains blood vessels, nerves, and dental pulp. This can get infected & inflamed resulting into acute pain and uneasiness. This is often treated with root-canal treatment. There are some controversies towards appropriateness of this treatment. The Yaletown dentist will inform you about complication, advantages, disadvantages and other available options to patient before making any decision. The therapy might cause some nervousness, but can always be performed painlessly by a professional dentist.

Oral Posture

This is related to fashioning an adequate airway, correct tongue position that allows for proper swallowing. This problem is often related to ‘mouth breathing’ habit of children which gives way to allergies, and sinus problems and may even restructure the face affecting its looks and functionality. There is growth guidance therapy to help children regain oral posture; such as Bio-bloc therapy, and other treatments. There are some other options such as using braces, to treat adolescents with this problem.

Stains & Decay

There are always some challenging stains that spoil your smile. It might reach deep and cause decay too, requiring immediate hygienic cleaning of the teeth. These stains can be removed easily with the use of hard tissue laser lights, painlessly.

Dental Implant

This is restoration of missing teeth, with implants made of medically safe and biologically compatible material.


Gingivitis is the common name for early gum disease. Gingivitis is caused by the bacteria which like to live in plaque. The bacteria causes bad breath, bleeding and red swollen gums. If gingivitis is not treated, you can find yourself with advanced gum disease which can cause your teeth to fall out pre-maturely.

Tooth Abscess

This issue is caused by a gum infection. An abscess causes an area of pus to form around a tooth. An abscessed tooth can be very painful and can lead to other problems if it is not treated immediately. Treatment for a tooth abscess in Yaletown dentistrycan include a simple cleaning procedure, root canal, or a tooth being removed depending on the severity of the abscess.

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