Comprehensive Interpretation of dental fluorosis

Now the market has a lot of fluoride toothpaste, but there are a lot of people because of high fluoride in drinking water had dental fluorosis, so fluoride many people do not know how this material to understand. Experts explain it to the teeth; dental fluorosis has a dual role. Fluoride content in drinking water than 1ppm (1mg / L) of dental fluorosis can occur more than 3ppm (3mg / L), the incidence rate of 100%. But if the lack of fluoride in drinking water, dental caries resistance capacity will be reduced. When the water is 1ppm fluoride, the role of both dental caries, there is not the formation of dental fluorosis. In addition, dental fluorosis is happening with the local temperature, calcium, phosphorus intake, and individual differences. High temperature areas such as the relatively large amount of water, and a corresponding higher intake of fluoride, vitamin A, D and calcium and phosphorus imbalance harmful levels of fluoride may increase.

Light, also known as dental fluorosis chalk type, expressed as enamel surface as opaque white chalk-like plaques that chalky patches, but there is still hardness and gloss enamel; moderate color type, also known as dental fluorosis, the enamel appeared brown or dark brown patches, the most obvious Children to choose carefully toothpaste over the front teeth, the enamel is still smooth and hard; severe dental fluorosis, also known as defect type, the majority of teeth appear brown or even full-mouth dental plaque, while linear, point-like or fissure like defects, depression has deep dyeing, teeth lose their luster.

The colored enamel hypoplasia and defects in groups to show more symmetrical teeth. The dental fluorosis may occur in the majority of teeth, maxillary anterior teeth to the most common, and people suffering from dental fluorosis, usually before the age of 7-8 lived in the high fluoride areas, even after the children moved to non-fluoride areas, as barrier has been formed calcified teeth, eruption of permanent teeth dental fluorosis could occur after the performance. If the child is 7-8 years of age and Pathogenesis of dental fluorosis then moved into high fluoride area, the teeth may be no performance of dental fluorosis. In addition, dental fluorosis in permanent teeth occurred because of enamel formation and calcification, mostly in the embryo and lactation, and the placenta have a limited effect on the fluoride, but if excessive fluoride intake, can lead to more than the limited extent deciduous dental fluorosis.

The most important dental fluorosis, or prevention, improve quality of drinking water is the most critical.

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