Dental Health for Individuals

Dental Health for Individuals

Dental health is an important aspect of your overall physical health. Two things you can do will increase your dental health:

* Get regular dental checkups

* Eat well.

I can help with the checkups. BCBS offers an affordable individual plan called Dental Blue. With this plan, you don’t pay a deductible for checkups or diagnostic and preventive services. Checkups and cleanings are covered twice per benefit period. Plus, you can visit any licensed dentist you choose. There are no “in-network” restrictions.

And here’s how I can help with eating well. Do you know the ten foods that can help you develop a whiter, brighter, healthier smile?

Here’s my Top Ten list (it may surprise you!):

10. Green tea

Green tea leaves contain compounds that are able to combat the plaque- and cavity-causing bacteria that live on your teeth.

9. Shiitake mushrooms

These contain an important sugar that has a direct affect on the bacteria that live in your mouth and may inhibit them from producing plaque.

8. Mustard

Yes, this popular condiment is also a natural antibacterial. Mustard can actually stop bacteria in your mouth from multiplying. Mustard oil also has the properties of a stain remover; lightly rub it on your teeth to help remove stains caused by smoking and coffee drinking.

7. Onion

Here is another natural antibacterial. The less bacteria you have on your teeth, the less likely you are to suffer from cavities as they erode your teeth. (Raw onion works best, so be careful when you use it.)

6. Mint

This natural breath freshener, commonly used to flavor mouthwashes and gum, is popular for its freshening flavor and scent. Plus, the plant itself has anti-inflammatory properties to help protect your gums when you brush and eat.

5. Cheese

Cheese helps keeps your mouth and teeth healthy in several ways, including making your teeth stronger by strenghthening the enamel.

4. Guava and kiwi

These tropical fruits contain many vitamins and minerals, most importantly vitamin A, essential for the healthy growth and maintenance of hair and teeth. Too little of Vitamin A can lead to gum disease such as gingivitis.

3. Chicken

Chicken and other lean meats contain important minerals such as calcium and phosphate to help repair and maintain the enamel on your teeth.

2. Celery

This tough, fibrous vegetable acts as a natural toothbrush. Food particles are literally rubbed off the teeth as you chew your way through the stems. Chewing also releases more saliva that helps neutralize excess acid in your mouth.

1. Water

Who knew? Drinking and swallowing water causes turbulence in the mouth, washing away food particles and cleaning your mouth. The more food you leave on your teeth, the more bacteria grow in your mouth, and the more acid they produce. Less food equals less acid.

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