Dental implant what is the process

1. Do before treatment, both doctors and patients communicate, to fully understand the expectations and aspirations of the patient. Patient in the dentist clinic do preoperative examination, if suffering from heart disease, blood disease, diabetes and other unfit teeth, 16-year-old juveniles because gum is not yet fully grown, is also not suitable to do the kinds of teeth. If you are completely suitable for the kinds of teeth, then doctors repair and inspection and design needs and oral hygiene, anti-inflammatory and other matters. Teeth have no therapeutic value, prepared according to the specific circumstances of the removal of time. Pre-plant operation, including: soft tissue arthroplasty, alveolar ridge pasty, alveolar incremental, sinus augmentation, etc. cannot implant the same surgery.

2. Implantation of the growing nail, in the disinfection of the operating room, doctors for patients under local anesthesia, incision missing teeth and parts of the gums, exposing the gums, bone, specialized planting equipment and instruments, will be planted nail implanted suture. Under normal circumstances, does not affect the patient’s eating and daily activities.

3. Need 2-6 months after the implantation of the planting nail (maxillary need to 4-6 months, the lower jaw to take 2-3 months) and the gums, bone healing, the doctor prepared the provisional denture patients can be worn How to do dental implant loosening during this time, the patient’s life can be more convenient to eat, but do not affect the appearance.

4. When planting nail completely combined with the jaw, and then cut the gums, nailed connection in the cultivation of a healing abutment, and soft tissue forming within two to three weeks, exposed to the implant (implantable systems, such as non-implantable no this step) into the gums to form the device. During this period the patient must maintain oral health, not inflammation.

5 When soft tissue is forming, doctors replaced with a permanent abutment healing abutment, modulo impression, the design of the restored teeth, and then sent to the laboratory to the processing, such as crown or bridge a good job you can wear the new teeth supported by the planting nail. Re-evaluation and The dental implant is how to choose removal of an impact on the prognosis of any remaining natural teeth, complete teeth to prepare.

6. Putting the finished metal casting into the mouth to try them, and determine to achieve passive fit, radiography confirmed that no gap between the abutment and the implant. Prosthesis (implant denture) in place the necessary radiography confirmed that the place status. Do adjust the occlusion after fixed. Dentists to keep patients introduced to the dental implant maintenance instructions how to maintain oral health and related families.

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