Dental implants and how they help?

As kids we always hated to go to the dentist because god forsaken if the doctor discovered a problem, all it meant was harrowing in pain for hours before you got some relief. However, this was and shall always be a misconception. Going to the dentist need not always mean extraction of the tooth. Also, in the past, the technology was not developed and so patients were most likely to experience a greater amount of discomfort. However, all that has changed now as more and more equipment being put in use in the domain of dentistry is all about increasing the comfort of the patient. Now before we take you into the details of the entire process, let’s talk about situations where your tooth or teeth may need to be extracted.


When is it prescribed?


First thing first, the dentist is not going to prescribe tooth extraction for minor problems. Even for a dentist, the first objective is to repair the damage. But, if you are a late comer and so the extent of damage to the region has increased, the doctor may want to remove the tooth or teeth. This is done only after detailed examination to ensure that it is the best possible alternative for the patient. In fact, in most cases, doctors will prescribe a tooth extraction only when, they are left with no other mode of treatment.


Bridging the gap


A gap between two teeth or a partially chipped of tooth and such similar situations tend to affect your million dollar smile. After all, a toothless grin is always the reason to crack jokes. However, using dental implants, dentists can actually bridge this gap. A dental implant is made of ceramic and other material that will not harm the body or the dental structure. The measurements of this implant are customized in accordance to the needs of the patient. Once ready, the implant is gradually fitted to bridge the gap. This procedure is not at all painless. In fact, doctors at reputed clinics like Smilex in Pune are known to perform the procedure with precision and cause no discomfort to the patient.


Is it safe?


Medical science has advanced in several ways since the last few years and dentistry has been no exception to this era of advancements. Made out of ceramic materials, the dental implants are absolutely safe. Once placed in the oral cavity, they are quick to adapt to the dental structure and you can use them just like your real teeth. What’s more interesting is that these implants look very much like the original and so anyone spotting your smile will never be able to tell the difference.


Is it expensive?


Smilex offers a variety of dental implants to choose from, each option has its own advantage. Depending on the needs of the patient and the budgetary constraints, doctors here will help you make a good choice


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