Dental Implants: Solution For Missing Teeth

With advancement in dentistry, a missing tooth can be easily replaced with a permanent artificial tooth. This outstanding feat has been achieved with the help of dental implants.

For almost five decades, dental implants have been used for supporting artificial teeth. The modern implant technique, which is currently used by reputed dentists for holding a replacement tooth in the jaw, originated in Sweden.

Benefits of dental implants

Dental implant is a superior option to traditional dentures. It is as good as your natural tooth. The high quality dental implants used by reputed dentists will enhance your confidence while eating and smiling. No longer will you be bothered by misplaced or poorly fitted dentures. A dental implant is considered the best option for saving the healthy teeth adjacent to the missing tooth. Unlike dental bridges, the adjacent teeth are not re-contoured in dental implant surgery to accommodate the artificial tooth. Moreover, by integrating with the natural gum, dental implants impair gum recession and bone losses that are common long-term effect of using dentures.

Dental implant surgery procedure

It is advisable to visit an experienced dentist for a dental implant surgery. The dental implants are usually made of pure titanium. At first the implant in inserted in the jawbone. Within three to six months, the implant fuses in the jawbone. After the surgery site heals, the dental surgeon uncovers the implant through laser or minor gum surgery to accommodate one or more artificial teeth.

When a single tooth is missing, a single dental implant and a crown can replace the root and the natural tooth. A dental implant that supports bridges is inserted in the jaw to hold multiple lost teeth. Implants can also be used for replacing all the teeth.

Side effects of dental implant surgery

Most patients experience mild discomfort in the site of the surgery for a few days. Your dentist will educate you how to avoid postoperative complications. Dental implant surgeries have a significantly high success rate when performed by an experienced dentist.

Best candidate for dental implants

Dental implants are most suited for people with healthy gums. A dental implant surgery is performed only when there are sufficient bones in the jaw. The upper back jaw is one of the most difficult areas for inserting dental implants. This problem can be resolved with sinus augmentation surgery. If upper and lower jaw deformities reduce the quantity of bones in the jaw, your dentist may recommend ridge modification prior to dental implant surgery.

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