Dental Implants — The Best Solution in Every Way

Anyone can lose their teeth — it can happen in just a few seconds, while playing a sport, meeting with an accident or another random injury.

What happens when you lose your tooth?

A tooth loss or multiple missing teeth can adversely affect your —

  • Mouth: smile, comfort and tooth position
  • Face: Muscle strain, esthetics and appearance
  • Jaw: Bone volume, chewing ability and oral health
  • Life: Eating, speaking and self-confidence


Dental Implants are the best solution

The crown for an implant does not call for retainer clasps. It is also not necessary to grind down any of your teeth. The implant maintains the natural shape of the jaw bone, as well. Dental implants in Phoenix emulate the anatomy of the natural tooth root; hence your bone and gum are properly loaded and shaped. No one, not even you will ever notice the slight difference.


Unique solutions offered by dental implants Phoenix

Replacement of a single tooth: Dental implants resolve this small issue naturally and invisibly. The dentist usually inserts the small high-tech root at the position of the natural tooth in the jaw. A temporary reinstatement fills the gap till the implant is cured. After this, the final tooth crown is placed as a permanent solution. With the help of the new inserted root it is fixed firmly in the jaw and thus looks just like your natural teeth.

Replacement of more than one tooth: In case you have multiple missing teeth, substituting them with dental implants is an excellent option. Unlike partial dentures or bridges, your replacement teeth do not depend on support from adjacent teeth.

Replacement of full upper or lower jaw: You might go for a full denture if you have lost all your teeth in any one of your jaws. However, it might work for short term. Without tooth roots the jawbone tends to melt or shrink gradually, that causes the denture to lose its fit. When this situation arises you feel discomfort. Dental implants amalgamated to the jawbone keep the bone fit and your teeth firmly as well as securely in place.

The small titanium screws can be undeniably considered a medical miracle — implants can be used for more than just filling in gaps. When your smile unexpectedly looks aged, one or more teeth are missing or your dentures are causing discomfort, you can just reverse the effects of time and your teeth can look new again.

Single-tooth implants are a particularly elegant solution. Irrespective of whether your one or more teeth are missing in a row, every tooth can be independently replaced and the situation is reinstated to its original form.

It is never too late for implants

You will be comfortably able to eat, talk and laugh with your implants just as you used to do with your natural teeth. You will get in return a perfectly natural security that is quite complex or often impossible to obtain with conventional prosthetics. Now, just don’t hide your smile any more — enjoy the finer side of life actively without embarrassment with your new dental implants.

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