Dental Implants – Treatment Planning

If your missing teeth are affecting your self-confidence, then dental implant treatment may be exactly what you were looking for. Dental implants, or teeth implants as they are more commonly known, consist of small titanium inserts that are placed in the jawbone to replace the root portion of missing teeth. For teeth implant treatment to work, it is important for the patient to possess sufficient bone in their jaw, which is strong enough to support the anchored implant. In addition to this, the natural teeth and gum tissues in the area where teeth implants are to be placed should also be in good health.

In cases where the dental implantologist determines that a patient does not have enough jawbone, they may be advised certain options, which may include:

•    Additional procedures such as bone grafts or guided bone regeneration.
•    Mini dental implants or blade shaped implants.
•    Other systems of teeth implants such as subperiosteal implants or transosseous implants.

In all cases, the dental implantologist will carefully consider the final functional aspects of the restoration, like measuring the forces which will be placed on the implant. Abnormal grinding or teeth clenching habits can sometimes put undue stress on the implant, exceeding the biomechanic tolerance of the implant-bone interface and/or the titanium material itself, resulting in implant failure.

Before the procedure, the dental implantologist will first have to determine what type of prosthesis is required for the patient. Only then will he or she be able to make a decision on specific teeth implant requirements, with regard to number, diameter, length and thread pattern. During the planning process, the dental implantologist may also consult with a restorative dentist, oral surgeon, periodontist or endodontist. Generally, an impression of the patient’s jawbone is used as a physical aid during such treatment planning. The dental implantologist may also take x-rays and cone beam CT scans.

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