Dental Veneers 101

People have envied celebrities at some point for their million-dollar smiles. After all, what looks better than straight, white teeth? You may have done your own research and found the myriad of cosmetic dentistry options a bit confusing. If you’re interested in improving the appearance of your teeth, here’s a quick fix that you might want to consider: dental veneers.

In simple terms, veneers are made of wafer-thin, durable porcelain material used to improve the appearance of teeth, or to protect damaged, broken, chipped, or jagged teeth. Veneers are applied over the surface of existing teeth and provide natural looking, long lasting results when applied by an experienced dentist.

Veneers cover only the visible portions of the teeth i.e. the front; repair minor tooth imperfections; straighten teeth; conceal stained tooth fillings; and are resilient and natural-looking. Veneers are permanent, custom-made and require the removal of approximately 0.5 mm of enamel to make space for the new veneers.

The original tooth structure need not be shaped, and if desired, they can be removed. An ideal candidate for veneers must have enough tooth surface on which to bond the product. But because there is minimal tooth preparation, most products may feel bulkier than some veneers Las Vegas dentists prepare.

Veneers are ideal for minor cosmetic adjustments, but are not advisable for major makeovers and instant orthodontic work. In fact, quite a lot of actors use veneers to get that instant camera-ready smile. However, most dentists advise against installing veneers on the imperfect but otherwise healthy teeth of younger people. As such, patients can only have veneers installed to extend a small tooth, fix a minor jagged or chipped tooth, or change color. In some cases, patients who want to close a wide gap between teeth (diastema) may opt to use dental veneers Las Vegas dentists can construct rather than wear braces.

In order to determine which option is best for you, consider other circumstances such as your dental history and overall health. For instance, dentists would advise people whose teeth curve at an awkward angle to consider other options. Some further factors to consider include tooth rotation and spacing issues. If you are an ideal candidate for veneers Las Vegas dentists can help you achieve that perfect smile.

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