Elderly brushing should pay attention to clean between the teeth

Caries commonly known as “rotten teeth”, which is the main cause tooth decalcification adhere to the tooth surface bacteria break down food acid production. Elderly increases with age, gradually shrinking gums, periodontal attachment level gradually becomes low, caused by the widening of the gaps between the teeth and the teeth, root exposure, resulting in the obvious characteristics of elderly caries.

First performance of the more significant gender differences, older women Caries prevalence was significantly higher than men, which may with female lover of sweets and other diet-related. Another feature is significantly more than the crown of the root surface caries. Children, young and middle-aged periodontal attachment good, the root surface is less exposed caries occurred crowns, and the old root exposed caused due to the above-mentioned changes associated with aging, coupled with the poor on oral hygiene, sweets intake leaving them vulnerable to the formation of root caries. Another very important reason is likely to cause root caries majority of elderly friends wearing dentures (false teeth), poor oral hygiene, clean the poor, it is easy to cause root caries.

Well, older friends how to improve their oral health and reduce the risk of caries?

First. Learn the correct method of brushing. Older people want to choose to meet the requirements of oral hygiene care toothbrush, while the choice of fluoride toothpaste can prevent root caries, In addition to the morning and evening brushing after each meal must also adhere to brush your teeth, simple postprandial mouthwash can not replace brushing. Best use of vertical brush when brushing your teeth, moderate strength, time in about three minutes too hard cross-brush method likely to cause tooth damage.

Second. Insist on brushing to clean between the teeth is also very important. Wide because the elderly between the teeth, the teeth sloppy alone brushing is not enough to keep clean, brush clearance in the case of conditional recommended. Can also use dental floss, If you do not the gap brush or floss, you can choose flat or wedge-shaped toothpick, sliding slowly down each between the teeth of the two contact surfaces, do not use too much force too quickly, this can help clean the teeth adjacent surfaces debris and Care of your fixed denture plaque, effectively prevent the occurrence of root caries.

Finally, we need to remind elderly friends to pay attention to protecting the abutment, which is used to support the denture teeth, these teeth are often neglected, without access to What effect does root canal therapy clean. To each meal to remove dentures, careful cleaning abutments. If the abutment sick should go to a specialist hospital for treatment.

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