Get to Know Four Types of Dental Implants

What is a dental implant?

A dental implant is metal structure that is placed in lieu of missing tooth. They are built from titanium metal. Dental implant is the foundation of replacement of missing teeth.


A dental implant is mental post or a frame where teeth are surgically kept into the jawbone under the gums, once done, dental implants can support teeth on them.


Working mechanism of dental implants

For dental implant, bones are the base because they are fixed to they provide stable support for the teeth to be implanted. These include denture and bridges mount to prevent


This is important and is essential particularly when eating. The dental implants help denture sand bridges and individual crowns place on them and it gives more natural feel than conventional bridges.


However, it is important your gums should be healthy and there should be enough bone mass to support the implant. Of course, you should take proper care of them.


Now let us discuss four types of dental implants, namely, Sub-periosteal, Zygomatic, Endosteal and Basal.



Today, implant these dentins are almost nil. This is because of their extensive surge and restorative and today simpler versions are available. Therefore, they are obsolete.



Zygomatic implants are useful as a supportive structure for implant bridge work where there has been big quantity of bone loss from the law, and common dental implants cannot used on their own support a bridge. These implants need through surgery and are advantageous because they obstruct normal speech.



Basal implants offer immediately immediate function in specific region. Despite they are prescribes as a solution to all problems. They might not ideal in all for all cases. This is because they do not have multiple options. Cosmetically, these implants have limited options.


Further, you carry the risk your basal implants being broken. Once breakage occurs, the dentist may find it difficult to clean the mess-up. They should be implanted immediately.



These implants are the most popular among all dental implant. These implants assure you a 100% result. These the implants are surgically implanted into the jaw bone. When the surround gum tissue has healed a second time surgery is done to connect the post to original; implant. After this, artificial tooth/teeth is/are attached to the post- separately or grouped on bridge or denture.


If you’re looking for dental implants, it’s sensible idea. See an experienced dentist and discuss it with them. If you have sound health, implants can help you. Health is more important than your age. Your dentist would review your health condition and would tell today is the proper time some time later.

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