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If you have ever looked at someone’s smile and wished that you could have teeth as white as theirs, you may be in the market for trying some teeth whitening gel. Some of the questions that people ask about teeth whitening gel include whether or not they are effective, how much they cost,  and if they can be used at home.

In the past, the only teeth whitening gel that was effective was only available through your cosmetic dentist.  The dentist had special molds made of your teeth so he could create bleaching trays that were specific to you.  A bleaching solution was put into the trays next to your teeth and you had to go to the dentist’s office in order to receive the treatment.  You would sit in the chair for about an hour while the bleach did its thing and come back for additional treatments depending on how many shades you needed to have your teeth lightened.

Nowadays, however, there are many over the counter teeth whitening gel options that can be purchased online or in your local stores.  These solutions have a varying degree of effectiveness depending on the strength of their active ingredients.  You can find some that are very effective because they contain a high concentration of carbamide peroxide, which is similar to the formulation that dentists use.  Lower concentrations of the active ingredients will be less effective.  You can also get the solution from your dentist as a take home tooth whitening kit.

There are many different costs associated with tooth whitening, and usually, the dentist will be the most expensive route to go.  However, you can find effective treatments for reasonable prices if you look around and read reviews on the different products that are available.

Finally, they can most certainly be used at home.  In general, a teeth whitening gel comes with trays where you place the gel and then insert them in your mouth so the gel rests against your teeth.  Another option is the whitening strips where the gel is already in place on the strips and you put them directly on your teeth.  By following the directions that come with whichever product you have decided to use, you should be able to see some results in the specified amount of time.  Be aware that sometimes the bleaching gel can cause your teeth to become sensitized, so if this happens to you, simply stop using the product temporarily and look for a product designed for sensitive teeth.  Before you know it, you will have the bright white smile you have been hoping for.

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