Home Teeth Whitening – A Pocket Friendly Approach

Do you want to whiten your teeth but don’t have enough money to pay the dentist or go for LASER treatment under their supervision? You can get through some studies and research that can take you out of this quandary. You can take some suggestion from your dentists or can even search over the web. From the reviews and testimonials available online, you can surely frame an idea.


The major composition of teeth whitening is carbamide peroxide or hydrogen peroxide solution. Peroxide has oxidizing particles that rub off the stains effectively from teeth enamel leaving back sparkling white teeth. The major reason for stained teeth is colored drinks, carbonated water, beverages like – tea, coffee and colored fruits at times too. Cigarette and alcohol plays a very active role in staining your teeth too. You can swish your mouth with one part of peroxide solution with three part of water. Over concentration of peroxide can burn your gum, so do take care while mixing the same. You can easily get hydrogen peroxide at any retail outlets at a very low cost. You can also try using whitening foam. It also helps.

Another form of home teeth whitening kits is with the use of baking soda. Every morning you can add baking soda with your paste and brush with the same. It will help your teeth to sparkle naturally by removing the stains all together. It also arrest bad breath, and removes plaque. Thus baking soda helps in getting healthy teeth.

You can even suggest your granny to dip her denture in baking soda solution, and get the dazzling white pair the next morning.


If you want to whiten just a definite stain tooth, you can try using paint-on whiteners. These are mainly for specific tooth. However whitening pens are also used for the same cause. Paint-on kits also work finely over the crack or break zones. It provides a uniform color, and thus making the look absolutely natural. Pens or paint-on kits are also best for the ones having tooth sensitivity. This is so because the application procedure is totally under your control, and hence you can prevent it from getting it touched to your gum. However there is a small disadvantage of these kits – it cannot provide any protection to tongue or the saliva. But unlike other teeth whitening agents, you can easily wash it off simply with water.

Now that you have achieved your ever desired white teeth, you need to sacrifice some of your habits to retain it for long. Even if you can’t stop smoking cigarettes altogether, you must reduce the number of daily intake. You must also try hard to lessen carbonated water, and alcohol intake. And, even when you take them, use a straw, so that they do not come in direct contact with your teeth or gum. Brushing teeth regularly and using floss can help you a lot in getting the healthy whitening teeth. Use of baking soda regularly can enhance your whiteness, so aim in put it into a regular habit.

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