How to avoid clean the baby teeth

Clean the baby teeth, bite to how to avoid

Baby teeth, if the fear of being bitten on the finger baby, because baby teeth at this time small, bite force is not so large, can create their own simple protection tool. Such as cutting a rubber pipe, or using plastic or metal pins set in a first-hand index finger on top, let your baby bite, then another hand to help the baby teeth. Or else with a few slices of tongue depressor wrapped in gauze, is a good device with the mouth.

In addition, in order to prevent the needle off the top, the baby may swallow, the best top of the needle device a medical adhesive tape on the finger.

Baby teeth oral hygiene procedures

Ability of the baby teeth have not yet established, the patient must be helped to take care of the baby teeth cleaning, brush your teeth after eating as long as the master of timing, each tooth, each brush to the surface are actually, you can reduce the occurrence of the chance of oral diseases.

Cleaning Preparation Tool

Milk has been washed clean toothbrush, 4 × 4 gauze, mouth opening device (rubber pipe, needle top, a few pieces of tongue depressor wrapped in gauze and medical tape or a good spatula if too long, can be folded to a part), installed water bottle.

Cleaning steps:

1, let the baby lying in bed, and then mother and child face to face; or mother will drive up the legs, so that children’s head against the leg; or allow Dental Instruments children to her mother lying on the thigh, the mother from the side to help children brush their teeth.

2, my mother-hand index finger to slightly pull the baby’s cheek mucosa, if fear of being bitten by the baby can be put on top of rubber pipes or needles, or direct your baby bite spatula.

3, the other holding her mother to breast toothbrush or gauze wrapped around your fingers, progressive brush the outer side of jaw teeth, inner side of the occlusal surface, painted upper teeth, the outer side, inner side of the occlusal surface, in short, to be “exhaustive.”

4, then back to the brush before brushing can be required to pay special attention to brushing the teeth and gums meet.

5, bite tongue depressor, can be brushed on the How to prevent your baby teeth are not in side of the jaw teeth, and then back side.

6, brush the outer side of the front teeth when the teeth bite together can make the baby fat “seven” sound, then let the baby to say “ah” to brush their teeth in the side.

7, the final rinse mouth with water, rinse directly after swallowing can.

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