How to deal with children’s mouth ulcers?

There are two possibilities in oral ulcers, First, the food is too fine, the lack of vitamin E and the like. If repeated ulcers, want to note whether zinc deficiency. Some babies have a recurrent ulcer symptom, make up some zinc symptoms improved. Zinc deficiency also has been of concern to parents, we need to look at the functions of zinc. Widespread zinc in our bodies, the main functional aspects, hundreds of enzymes, First synthesis of the body and baby growth and development are closely linked. Zinc is also involved in many metabolic involved in a lot of antibody formation, the secretion of the third taste buds taste elements will have the participation of zinc, if you reduce the zinc, so the baby tasteless mouth, there will be anorexia. The addition of zinc in the skin, mucous membranes have a lot of zinc deficiency skin ulceration and oral recurrent ulcers, the ulcers of the skin such as the summer mosquito bites, the total is not easy to good. In addition, disguise, this baby food endometriosis, for example, some babies especially fond of the plaster, and even some like to eat the ashes. If zinc deficiency will have such a performance, the performance of these when we must consider the baby whether zinc deficiency.

Experimental treatment is suspected baby zinc deficiency or zinc deficiency symptoms, we gave the baby a month zinc supplement, if you eat after the baby appetite improved, and we may feel that the baby is indeed a zinc deficiency, should continue to fill months, the basic three months before they can fill the lack of zinc. Because zinc is steady, now commonly used in this experimental therapy.

Many parents feel the child of zinc deficiency, buy boxes of zinc finish is not supplemented, and the result of the effect is not very good. In fact, six months before the baby day 3,4 mg, 6 months to one year old is 5-6 mg, 10 mg over 1 year old, so it’s best long-term right amount of zinc. The highest concentrations of zinc in myoglobin, such as beef, pork, liver, there is a hard nut, but the baby can not eat hard nuts to Prevention of periodontal disease the ground into a powder. Zinc deficiency baby appetite, loss of appetite, more zinc deficiency, creating a vicious cycle. So to make up some zinc blocking this vicious cycle.


Taking multi-vitamin B12, riboflavin, and other Adjust your diet, eat more rich in riboflavin, milk, liver, spinach, carrots, watermelon half, dig out the West rang, squeezing out the juice, melon juice in the mouth, about 2 to 3 minutes after the swallow, and then with the new melon juice, repeated several times. Vitamin C, vitamin C tablets, 1-2 tablets crushed and spread on the surface of the ulcer, silent moment, two times and a day. Tea to take green tea mouthwash, can contribute to the healing Scaling on a regular basis can prevent gum disease of mouth ulcers. Tomatoes, tomato juice taken with the mouth, each containing a few minutes a day several times.

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