How To Make And Use Home Teeth Whitening Kits

Almost everybody wants to have a nice pair of pearly white teeth. Some people prefer to use over the counter teeth whitening kits, while others do not prefer these. Since many over the counter products leave side effects, many people don’t want to use them for the purpose of teeth whitening. Moreover, over the counter products are expensive that all people can’t afford to buy them. Generic teeth whitening kits may include teeth bleaching gels, mouth trays, teeth bleaching strips and lots more. If you are interested in making your teeth whiter and brighter than ever before, you can surely do it without going to a dentist’s clinic and spending hundreds of dollars. You can get it sitting in your home with home teeth whitening methods. Here are some easy at-home methods of teeth whitening.

•    Consume citrus fruits as much as you want. You can use the fruits as well as their pulps for making teeth brighter and whiter. Like, you can rub the peel of strawberry across your teeth for about one to two minutes every day. You can also mash some fresh and ripe strawberries in a bowl and crush them to make a fine paste of it. Now take this paste with your finger and rub it onto your teeth like you do with regular toothpaste. You can also use orange for the purpose of home teeth whitening. Rub the orange peel onto your teeth to brighten and whiten the teeth. The citrus fruits help to eliminate stains from the teeth surface and make it whiter and brighter.

•    Brushing the teeth with any natural acidic substance helps to remove stains and make teeth white and bright. For instance, you can take lemon juice. Apple cider vinegar and white vinegar can also be used for the purpose of teeth whitening. The acid dissolves the stains accumulated on the teeth and thus removes them.

•    Make a home teeth whitening paste. You need to take hydrogen peroxide and baking soda as the active ingredients for making the paste. The paste of peroxide and soda is one of the best teeth whiteners. It is recommended by dentists too. Baking soda helps to remove the stains and plaques; its abrasive feature helps to remove stains. Hydrogen peroxide is slightly acidic in nature; it has natural bleaching property. The baking soda’s abrasive feature and peroxide’s acidic feature work together to whiten and brighten the teeth naturally. At the same time the combination of these twos removes stains.

•    You can also combine normal salt and water. This is another good home teeth whitening product.

•    Some herbs like walnut bark work exceptionally in whitening teeth. If you can rub the walnut bark across your teeth, you can get excellent result. You can also use dried bay leaves for the purpose of teeth whitening. Grind the dried bay leaves and then mix it well with dried peels of orange. Now add some water to make a paste of them. You can use this paste as a home teeth whitening means.

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