How To Make Your Teeth White Fast

Tooth whitening is extremely popular because everyone wants to have white teeth. Hardly surprising is that the range is very diverse and everywhere, on the Internet, the pharmacy or the dentist, you may find whitening products.

But the offer is as varied as are the differing results can be achieved with strips, bleaching gel and laser. This motto is: Good quality has its price.

The most expensive tooth whitening is the dentist. Here, patients with tooth whitening to count to nine shades, but must take into account for such costs. 300-700 € are standard fare, where you can choose whether the treatment directly in practice (in office bleaching) or with the appropriate equipment (transparent rail and bleaching gel) is performed at home (home bleaching).

Much cheaper is the tooth whitening with the do-it-yourself method. Nowadays you can find in any pharmacy or drug store and many supermarkets corresponding products. The price range is between 20 to 50 dollars, with but have not as good results as when in the professional dental treatment. The teeth can be up to three shades brighter.

But before any bleaching his teeth now wants his own responsibility, you should consult a dentist. This examines the teeth and mouth after injury, possibly speak against bleaching. In addition, a thorough cleaning of the biter in advance is essential. Otherwise, the tooth whitening has only half the effect. In addition: There may sometimes be unsightly stains removed already by a professional dental cleaning. This could save costs for bleaching.

It should be remembered also that fillings and crowns can not be bleached. In the worst case, after treatment, the first optically perfectly fitting crown are dark and disturbing. One of the things many people like to forget.

Many patients wonder also whether the active ingredient hydrogen peroxide can leave permanent damage during or after tooth whitening. When used properly, whether at home or in a professional, is not expected. Yet it must not be denied that the drug aggressively to the gums and teeth leads to an increased sensitivity to heat and cold. After removal of the bleach they sound normally again.

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How To Make Your Teeth White Fast – The Best Method

There are hundreds of methods and products to choose from but your next step is vitally important because it determines whether you will really succeed with teeth whitening or you will just searching for the perfect solution on how to make your teeth white fast forever.

To find out what is the best method and how you can start whitening your teeth instantly, go to and have a beautiful smile again.

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