How To Use Hydrogen Peroxide For Teeth Whitening

Teeth may get darken with ageing, but if you follow an unhealthy lifestyle you can even invite yellow teeth, and that too in your teens. Stained teeth can never help you out, rather slowly it will hold back your confidence level and gift you a lonely life all together.


There are several causes behind stained teeth; following are some of the most important habits, avoidance of which can save your teeth from getting stained.

•    Role of carbonated water – carbonated water are best in decaying teeth, it also acts adversely over gum health. However if you find total restriction is not possible, you can try having the drinks with the help of straws. It at least can prevent the drink from getting touch to the teeth.

•    Intake of Cigarettes or tobacco pipes – Tobacco is really very harmful for the teeth or gum care. The smoke can easily stain your teeth and removal of such stains is not very easy.

•    Alcohol addiction – alcohol intake is always a NO for proper health. Special drinks like red-wine are expert in staining teeth. So, you must avoid intake of alcohol if you want to maintain the whiteness of your teeth.

•    Colored drinks – even mango, orange, grape fruit juices can stain teeth, so in this case also when you think of having fruit juice, keep a straw along with you and swish your mouth with a proper after you finish off with your drinks.

USE OF BAKING SODA – teeth bleaching solution
If you want a Home-made remedy the best solution for you is use of baking soda. But you cannot use baking soda just like that; following is the way of using baking soda –
•    Wash your mouth for around 30 seconds. It will help to remove food remains from your teeth.

•    You can follow this by using whitening toothpaste. It will help in whitening your teeth a bit. This is safe to use too, as it contain a moderate proportion of peroxide solution.

•    Swish your mouth with plain water for around 15 seconds.

•    Wash your brush with lukewarm water, put some baking soda over it, and brush for 5 minutes. Don’t go by its bad taste, though the taste is bad, but its effect is not.

•    After you are done, rinse your mouth properly.

You can also choose to use Crest White Strips. There are many types of Crest White Strips from where you can choose the one suitable for teeth bleaching. The product varies with the varied proportion of peroxide solution. It ranges from 10% to 35%. However a moderate and effective percentage is 22%. The use of crest strips is also rather easy. You just need to paste the gooey side over your teeth, leave it for 30 minutes and then remove it before applying the next pair.

However there is a little problem of using crest strips too. It is only meant for bleaching the front two pair of teeth. So your back teeth will not get stained, and you must think of some other ways for staining them too.

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