How you face the teeth pain?

Gum infection and localized mouth pain associated with an abscess from an upper front tooth. The upper right front tooth was mobile and the patient wanted to try to save it. 1) This tooth has grown down out of the gum and also moved toward the lip creating a tooth gap space. 2) This x-ray shows severe bone loss. The black dotted line shows the location for a potential root resection if necessary. Root planing was performed after the teeth splint was placed and the patient will revisit the Periodontist in three months to reevaluate healing and the potential need for the root resection. 3) Palatal photo of the splint between teeth #’s 7 – 9. 4) Post-op view. The tooth gap space was closed with dental bonding to hide the splint and the excessive length of #8 was reduced. Treatment time – one visit.

How to perform a root resection from under a porcelain fused to metal dental bridge. This periodontal tooth infection caused gum pain and an intra oral abscess. 1) Labial photo of an abutment with an endodontic periodontal infection. 2) & 3) Initial preparation into porcelain with a diamond bur. 4) Labial photo shows preparation. The metal portion of the teeth bridge is prepared with a steel bur. 5) Palatal photo shows preparation. 6) Labial photo show the tooth root under the porcelain bridge (gutta percha is visible in the tooth root). 7) The tooth root is being extracted. The occlusal height of this root must first be reduced to allow it to exit. 8) The extracted tooth root.

Gum Disease: Periodontal diseases or gum diseases have become very common among people. About 3/4th of the population are suffering from gum problems in a minor or severe form. However, 80 to 85 percent of them have normal problems which can easily be cured. Rest of them suffer from severe gum problems that need proper medical care and treatment. These severe diseases of gums are called periodontitis. The main cause of such cases is the plaque. Plaque is formed on the teeth due to ignorance. If you do not keep proper oral hygiene, plaques develop on your teeth. These are bacteria which would attack your gums and cause inflammation. This results in swollen, red, and bleeding gums. In people who are suffering from gingivitis, it may not be painful but for others it may cause severe pain. Gingivitis in its earlier stage can be cured if treated well in time. If not treated in time, it may lead to tooth loss. It would be better to consult a dentist if you are experiencing any such problem.

Follow These Tips to Keep Your Teeth and Gums Healthy.

·         You should brush your teeth twice a day using proper brushing technique

·         Drink as much as water you can drink. It prevents action of bacteria on your teeth.

·         Avoid tobacco products

·         Flossing is also important to prevent plaque development on the teeth

·         Eating a balanced diet which includes Vitamin C and calcium will help you keep your gums healthy.

·         Avoid unnecessary stress as stress hormone may cause inflammation in your body, including your gums.

What a Physician can do:

Your physician may ask that you come in to evaluate your symptoms and decide whether you need to be treated or referred to a specialist. You may be sent for further imaging, such as a CT scan or MRI, depending on your symptoms. A full physical with diagnostic tests may be obtained to help make sure your general health is not contributing to your tooth pain.  The physician may then ask that you see the dentist or another dental specialist depending on the findings.

Remember, your mouth is an indicator of your general health. Pain is nature’s way of letting you know there is something wrong. While the most common reasons for tooth pain have been covered above, there is no substitution for seeing your dentist or physician.  They are the experts in your health, and should be consulted when the need arises.

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