Invisalign – Invisible Braces Straighten Your Teeth With the Minimum of Fuss

Having teeth which aren’t properly straight can have a seriously detrimental effect upon the way your smile appears. Even if the individual teeth are white and in good condition, the fact that they are crooked, overcrowded or don’t meet each other properly can take away from the impact of your smile.

Being secure in the aesthetic appeal of your smile isn’t just a question of something as shallow as vanity. A smile which has been improved to the point where it makes the leap from being merely ‘good’ to being ‘great’ is one which will create the perfect impression when you meet new people. Being able to smile freely and easily will show the world that you are relaxed and at ease with yourself and this, in turn, will mean that other people feel relaxed around you, something which will prove to be a huge boon in both work and social situations. All too often, people feel that they merely have to accept teeth which are crooked or uneven, settling for their smile as it is rather than striving to have the smile they’d like to have, but modern dentistry has developed to the point where this doesn’t have to be the case.

Often, when embarking upon the journey towards a perfect smile, patients will select treatments aimed at transforming the appearance of individual teeth. These may take the form of processes such as implants, veneers or caps and, once this work has been carried out, the final step will often involve moving these teeth into a position which means that they are truly straight and evenly spaced. In the past, shifting teeth like this, in order to deal with issues such as overcrowding, would have meant the dentist fitting large metal braces. These would not only look obtrusive, but would also often feel uncomfortable and, in some cases actually painful. Add this to the fact that metal braces might have had a detrimental effect upon the patients speaking voice and it’s easy to see why many people, particularly once they’re fully adult, tend to shy away from this treatment.

A modern orthodontist, however, will be able to straighten teeth using the Invisalign system. This is a treatment which makes use of lightweight, transparent plastic retainers which are slipped over the teeth and gradually shift their position until the fault has been corrected. Braces such as these are often referred to as ‘invisible braces’ and with good reason. Once you’re wearing them, even somebody standing right in front of you would find it virtually impossible to spot them, and the fact that they can be taken off quickly and easily when you want to eat and drink merely underlines their convenience.

Should you wish to take advantage of Invisalign in London then your orthodontist will begin the process by explaining exactly how they work, how long it will take to shift your teeth completely and how much Invisalign braces cost. If you decide to go ahead, measurements and photographs of your teeth will be taken and then the braces will be custom made at a specialist laboratory. Every two weeks, the retainer will be replaced with the next in the sequence, each shifting your teeth a little bit further, until your smile is as straight as it should be.

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If your teeth aren’t truly straight then all of your hard work in the field of dental hygiene, and even such time consuming treatments as a dental implant will be in vain. Thanks to the Invisalign system you can have your teeth shifted and realigned with only the very minimum of disruption.

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