Is Porcelain Veneers Safety for My Teeth

You must have heard a lot about the porcelain veneers, but you are not well aware of the concept. Well, these are thin shells of ceramic that are usually attached at the front surface of the teeth. The main idea behind such veneers is to help in smile transformation so that the stained, discolored and cracked teeth can be hidden from view.

These veneers are crafted individually, as per the shape and size of the teeth of individual patients. These are undoubtedly great cosmetic enhancements that are usually made from some of the most advanced materials. They are crafted in such a way so that they closely resemble the natural enamel. In today’s date, large numbers of dentists recommend going for these veneers on the basis of the condition of the dental structure.

Large numbers of cosmetic corrections can be performed with the help of the veneers. Whether it is about some orthodontic adjustments or teeth whitening, thanks to the advancement of technology that these things can be handled perfectly. Moreover, the lifelike appearance and array of functions make it the most trusted and high popular procedures in the field of modern dentistry today.

The Ideal Candidates:

You might often wonder whether you are the right candidate for these veneers. In fact, patients look forward to addressing multiple cosmetic and structural issues with their teeth through the veneers. These include chips, cracks, misalignment, gaps, discoloration, etc. If you experience any of these problems, you can also consult a doctor to find out whether this is the appropriate option for you.

However, prior to recommending it, the dentist will examine your dental structure. You will have to fulfill some factors in order to become a good candidate for the same. You should have overall good dental health and you should know the importance of oral care and hygiene. You might even have some specific cosmetic goals that might be given a shape by your dentist. Moreover, you should also have a sufficient amount of healthy enamel in order to get the porcelain veneers. After all, the dentists will remove a thin layer of enamel before placing the veneers.

When Not An Option:

There are some signs by means of which you should understand that you are not a good candidate of the veneers. First of all, you might not have healthy gums and teeth. If you have gum disease, tooth decay or infection in your root canal, you will not qualify for this procedure. A dentist will have to treat these issues successfully first before carrying out the procedure.

While considering this option, you should always remember that it is a permanent solution. Therefore, unless you are certain about your decision, you should go for veneers. Moreover, if you grind the teeth habitually and bite your jaw, you will not be qualified for the procedure. Though the porcelain is strong and durable, yet excessive pressure might result in breaking down. However, a dentist might treat this condition so that you are finally ready for the veneers. You will also be happy to know that plenty of materials are newly developed by means of which strong restorations can be created. Consequently, the solution might become suitable for you, as a whole.

Make sure that you schedule an appointment with a dentist. He will carefully examine your condition and tell you about the benefits and risks. He will also help you in finalizing your decision about whether you should go for the porcelain veneers. The combination of these things will ensure that you end up making the right move. Thus, you will be highly benefited from it.

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