Is Teeth Whitening Safe?

Yellow stains on teeth or untidy teeth is now history. One can now get teeth as white as pearl through teeth whitening on the Sunshine Coast. In the hands of experienced dentists, teeth whitening is now a safe process.

Having teeth that are pure and white is something that everyone wants. Unfortunately, for most people as they age their teeth tend to become discolored. This yellowing is caused by many things including drinking cola, coffee, smoking, as well as eating certain types of foods.

Since everyone wants to keep their white teeth, there have been several products that have been introduced on the market for teeth whitening Sunshine Coast. These products are typically safe to use and will work either by changing the natural color of the teeth through a bleaching process or by removing the surface stains on the teeth.

Types of Whitening Products

There are two main types of products available for teeth whitening; those that contain peroxide bleaching agents and whitening toothpastes.

Many of the bleaching products use car amide peroxide, which will break down into hydrogen peroxide when used on the teeth. Some of the common side effects of using this type of product are irritation of the gums and tooth sensitivity. Sensitivity of the teeth will typically occur during the beginning of the bleaching process. Gum and tissue irritation is often caused by using a tray that does not fit properly. Most of the time the sensitivity and irritation will stop once the treatment is completed.

Whitening toothpastes contain chemical or polishing agents that help remove surface area stains on the teeth. They work through a gentle polishing and chemical chelation method. These products do not contain bleach and typically there are no side effects from using these toothpastes. There are several whitening toothpastes on the market that are ADA approved.

Teeth Whitening Safety

If you are considering whitening your teeth you may have wondered if tooth whitening is safe. The short answer is yes, it is fairly safe to whiten your teeth. However, if you are planning to use an over the counter method to whiten your teeth you should discuss it with your dentist first. These products have been deemed as safe to use, but you will still want to talk to your dentist about which type of product you should be using. Most dentists will prescribe a specific type of tooth whitening product for you to use.

Cosmetic dentists will also offer the option of having your tooth whitening completed in their office. The methods for whitening in a dentist’s office are typically much more effective than any of the over the counter products that you can purchase. The bleaching agents that are used by dentists are much stronger and can provide results much more quickly.

If you have teeth that have worn enamel, sensitive teeth, cavities, or any type of gum disease your dentist may warn against teeth whitening. In addition, if you have caps, crownsArticle Submission, or other dental work on your front teeth you will not be able to bleach them. Pregnant and breastfeeding women should not use teeth whitening products.



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