It’s not Always About New Customers

By: Philip Sartes

There are two different groups of people you need to focus your marketing on. The first group is the people who have never shopped at your store before.
This is the group that gets the most attention. A company needs to grow in order to stay on top of the marketplace, and growth requires new customers. You’re likely to see these kinds of advertisements all over the place. You can’t turn on a TV without seeing another ad that’s aimed at people who have never shopped at a certain store or used a certain product.
The second group is the people who are already shopping at your store. You need to market to them just as much as you need to focus on new customers, because if you ignore your customer base you aren’t likely to keep them.
Here’s where the real problem comes in though: companies don’t always know how to market to the customers they already have. This requires a much different approach than your new customers.
Why bother to promote your great customer service when they already know it’s great? What mention low prices when they already know how low those prices are? Sure, advertising specials is all well and good for both groups, but you need to do more than just advertise specials.
Newsletter printing is a great solution to this little problem, and acts as one of the most effective ways to advertise to existing customers.
Start up a newsletter for your company that gets sent to all of your customers every month or every quarter, or maybe only every year. It’ll be up to you to pick what will work best for your company in this regard.
Once you have your newsletter set up you need to focus your language on giving your current customers something to take interest in. Talk about upcoming changes in your store. Invite them to write in and offer their opinions about various programs you have and specials you’re doing. Let them have a say in what’s going on with your company.
You’re opening up your arms to them and letting them know that you care about their business and you want to keep them around. Offer special deals to them that are only available through your newsletter.
The great thing about newsletter printing is that the hardest part comes from initially setting it up, but once you’re past that, you can very easily and cheaply maintain it for years down the line. Each time you get a new customer to come into your store and can start sending them your company newsletter, turning them into a loyal customer.
The best marketers know the difference between advertising to a new customer and an existing one. If you want to be able to keep your customer base loyal, you’ll need to know the difference as well.
Philip Sartes is a business and marketing targets consultant and an of various marketing strategies, business advice and models.
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About the Author:
Philip Sartes is a business and marketing targets consultant and an of various marketing strategies, business advice and models.

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