Knowledge of cleaning teeth

Dental patients relieve suffering, in addition to praise highly skilled dentist, the dentist often will be the envy of a healthy tooth. So, what makes it healthy teeth? World Health Organization in 1981 to develop standards for dental health: teeth cleaning, no pain, no cavities; gum color is normal, no bleeding. According to this standard, our dental health of the population to less than 1%. However, the data Dental Artcles show that the prevalence of dental teeth was significantly lower than other groups, while the cure rate is obviously higher than other populations, which attributed great importance to dentists dental self-care. So, how they carry out dental care for?

Dental care, in first place is none other than the non-brushing. People know that every day should brush your teeth, brush your teeth, but how, how to select toothbrushes and toothpaste and brushing the appropriate time and frequency are poorly understood. Correct method of brushing: The vertical brush method, that toothbrush and tooth axis was 45 ° angle, the tooth brush down, brush up under the teeth, 2-3 teeth per group, group gradually brush, between the groups should overlap, starting from the posterior side, the first brush to paint the inside out, occlusal surface to brush back and forth to ensure that each tooth of each side are clean, and finally gently brush the tongue. Health toothbrush hair bundles no more than three rows, pitch is not less than 0.5 mm, high-quality nylon bristles, less than 0.2 mm in diameter, and the soft bristles and short hair side rounded, jagged. Combined with fluoride toothpaste, toothpaste abrasive for the silicide better. Brush your teeth 2 times a day, every brush 3 minutes, rinse after meals to develop habits, we can longer keep your mouth clean in these areas, the dentist usually can be done well.

As the saying goes: “dental is not a disease, pain up to life.” People usually only in the dental pain to unbearable to see a doctor, suffered a huge pain. Dentist is not so, on average every six months in the oral Many people in the adult examination, and timely treatment of common diseases of the oral cavity to prevent the further development of the lesion. Oral common to dental caries, periodontal disease, are chronic diseases, early symptoms, easily overlooked. Deep dentin caries in the spread as before, without any symptoms, can not easily be found, only periodic inspection, can be found in shallow caries and caries, treatment can be a complete and timely treatment. Such as when the treatment until the pain, is often spread deep caries or pulp, the treatment time, costs have increased a lot. And periodontal disease are more subject to regular inspection, due to periodontal disease requires long-term maintenance therapy, can be controlled and improved, some patients will not adhere to treatment because the final result of the teeth loose and fall off. Therefore, the dentist even in the absence of oral disease in the case or that he did not feel the case of oral diseases, will regularly check the mouth.

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