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My predicament had me looking for an effective solution, to dental problems, that is easy to use; can be carried around with facility whenever I need to travel out of town and one that does not leave a bad taste in the mouth.

The answer to my woes has been an excellent range of mouthwashes that was recommended to me by a friend.  The products form an effective, all-encompassing solution to the multitude of problems related to oral health and hygiene namely, cavity, bad breath, abscess, and molars. The products are part of the repertoire of oral-health care product from Listerine, India – a brand that is often reckoned to be the touchstone of mouthwashes sold over the counter. It is a popular choice amongst dentists and is often recommended to sort out a multitude of dental problems.

I have tried out two amongst four of mouthwashes that encompass the Listerine range. My experience with using both at different junctures of dental problems has been satisfying. Listerine not only fights, germs, but leaves the breath feeling fresh, and its lingering freshness makes it a perfect antidote to any of your pre-date, pre-important meeting jitters.

The following are descriptions of the mouthwashes subsumed in the range.


The COOL MINT LISTERINEMouthwash is formulated specially to form the perfect ‘post brushing rinse’. It yields optimal results when used twice a day. It tastes great and is an effective solution to bad breath, gum problems and plaque. If you do not suffer from a dental ailment, consider using it as preventive measure.


True to name, this mouthwash feels like a re-invigorating burst of flavours, making it a refreshing treat after the ritual of brushing. It also of course, encompasses all officinal characteristics of Listerine products.


The Original Listerine was the first product released. It is the old, yellow, original, ‘no-nonsense’ version of the product. It does not have the minty, sweet taste of other Listerine mouthwashes; nonetheless, it is as effective as the others.


This one bears a cool green colour and is formulated especially to fight cavities, in addition to combating other dental problems. The Cavity Fighter Listerine Mouthwash forms a protective fluoride shield that prevents and protects teeth from cavities. In addition to making the enamel stronger, it also fights the entire gamut of dental problems.

The products are an answer to everyday dental problems. They can also be used as an effective preventive measure. My tryst with them has been fresh and effective. I recommend a Listerine Mouthwash to anybody who would like to prevent or combat dental problems.

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