Major Tooth Brushing Mistakes

Sometimes, despite brushing your teeth you cannot keep the stains, plaque and other dental problems away. This makes people build a wrong perception that tooth brushing has nothing to do with the healthy teeth and gums. However, according dentists in Diamond Bar, it is not the brushing that vows a greater oral health; rather it is ‘Proper Brushing’.

Let us get to know some tooth brushing mistakes, so that you could control some common dental problems.


Picking the Wrong Toothbrush

While purchasing a tooth brush, you need to keep various things in mind. For instance, check the overall quality of the tooth brush; is the size you have chosen appropriate? Are the bristles soft? Is it flexible enough to brush your back teeth? You have to assure all these things.

Do you Brush for a Longer time Period?

For how long do you brush your teeth? You need to notice the time, because most of the people brush even for less than a minute. The Diamond Bar dentists suggest brushing your teeth at least for three minutes, so that the trapped food particles from all sides of the mouth are properly removed.

How Often Do you Brush?

Dentists recommend brushing your teeth at least twice a day – early in the morning and before going to bed in the night. Some of the people ignore night time brushing, as a result the food particles trapped within their teeth start building plaque due to bacterial action. Therefore, brushing your teeth before going to bed is essential to maintain your oral health.  The Diamond Bar dentists are of the opinion that you should brush your teeth half an hour, after taking every meal.

Adopt the Right Brushing Technique

Another major thing that matters is’ the brushing technique’. Are you following the right technique to brush your teeth? A simple but effective way of brushing your teeth is to place the bristle on the 45 angle on the surface of your teeth. Do not exert too much pressure, because it will bend the bristles ultimately resulting in poor brushing. Brush your teeth in the small rounded circles from the front. Give proper time to one side teeth, like first clean your front teeth, then the side and the back teeth. Do not forget to brush your inside of teeth, give equal time to all sides like back, front and sides of the teeth.

Using a Tooth Brush for a longer Time

You need to replace your teeth at least after every three months or before, because after a certain time period, the bristles become too weak to remove the food particles. Sometimes, using a tooth brush for longer period of time makes the bristles misaligned (taking an outward form). Such bristles harm the gums by wounding them.

Poor Rinsing of Tooth Brush

Some of the people do not bother to rinse their brushes properly after brushing their teeth. As a result, they carry the same bacteria again into their mouths when they brush their teeth. Therefore, once you have cleaned your teeth, wash your toothbrush properly with enough water or rinse. Always keep your tooth brush covered.

Thus, by overcoming your tooth brushing mistakes, you can keep your teeth and gums, safe and healthy.



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