Missing teeth can do the dental implant

Increase with age, older people often have the teeth off phenomenon, and traditional dentures  used, poor stability, chewing efficiency is low, foreign body sensation, easy to cause nausea and affect the pronunciation. Improper use can also cause gum tissue atrophy, mucosal tissue damage, dental caries, periodontitis, alveolar bone absorption, and temporomandibular joint disorders and other adverse consequences. Known as mankind “Vice” tooth dental implant can effectively avoid the above problems, we specifically consulted the chief expert of the Dental Hospital Dental Implant.

What is a dental implant?

Dental implant is implanted in the alveolar bone within the dental implant body, and then installed in its upper base stations and porcelain crowns to restore missing teeth, the use of the most authoritative and most secure Swiss ITIStraumann cropping systems to avoid The traditional prosthesis instability, wear the adjacent teeth, chewing weakness and other defects.

How to choose a dental implant?

No teeth or the back of the molar area of all the missing case of full mouth dental implant restoration, root is solid, like real teeth to chew food, chewing power than traditional dentures greatly improved, small foreign body sensation, and appearance comfortable. Dental Implant in age and not too many restrictions on the successful implementation of one hundred cases in the dental hospital dental implant restoration, more than half is more than 60 years of age for the elderly. Select the dental implant, may take the following fix:

1. Full mouth fixed implant supported denture. Implanted more than 6 in a single jaw, full mouth implant above the implant 12, perfectly similar to Teeth sparse what is the harm the porcelain dental restoration method to restore tooth function, and masticatory efficiency, small size denture.

2. Overdentures. Two or more implants implanted in a single jaw and repair similar to the way a full mouth removable dentures, patients can pick to wear. Efficient than the ordinary full denture retention and chewing.

Specify what kind of repair methods and Two treatments of dental fluorosis the number of implants, the site requires a doctor and the patient’s general condition, and the comprehensive consideration of the local bone conditions and economic capacity.

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