Nitrous Oxide and Dental Treatments

Many people suffer from dental anxiety or have a dental phobia. In some cases, fears and worries about visiting the dentist can result in people avoiding routine checkups and delaying necessary care. Timely dental care plays a vital role in maintaining good dental health. Sedation dentistry and nitrous oxide, offered by a dentist in North Hollywood, CA can dramatically increase comfort and help patients receive the dental care they need when they need it.

A North Hollywood dentist may opt to use nitrous oxide for patients who require long procedures or who have mild anxiety. The sedation allows patients to relax and experience a more comfortable treatment. Nitrous oxide has a long history of safety when used in a dental environment. Nitrous oxide can be used alone to relax patients and reduce pain, or it can be combined with oral sedatives to produce a deeper level of sedation.

Nitrous oxide is administered through a mask that fits over the patient’s nose. The patient then breathes deeply through his or her nose while the dentist makes necessary adjustments to the nitrous oxide to allow for a perfectly tailored sedative. Once the procedure is over, the North Hollywood dentist will then introduce pure oxygen in order to restore the patient to full consciousness.

One of the biggest benefits to using nitrous oxide is that has an extremely low risk of adverse effects. Patients can receive dental cleanings, exams, dental X-rays and other critical treatments, which means it leaves patients’ systems quite rapidly. Most patients will be able to drive themselves home after treatment rather than having to rely on someone else.

Although nitrous oxide can be highly effective in reducing dental anxiety and is well tolerated, it may not be appropriate for all patients. Those who tend to breathe primarily through their mouths or who have a cold may find that nitrous oxide is not an effective solution for their anxiety. Those with claustrophobia may not be able to tolerate the mask used to administer the nitrous oxide while others may find the relaxed sensation nitrous oxide induces to be disconcerting.

If you suffer from dental anxiety, talk to a North Hollywood dentist about whether nitrous oxide may be an appropriate option for you. Notify a dentist in North Hollywood of any medical conditions, prescription or over-the-counter medications you are currently using to limit the risk of any adverse reactions.

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