Orthodontics and Your Health

A lot of research and studies have taken place over the previous years to determine the important links between orthodontic health/treatment and a person’s overall whole body health. One instance is that people suffering from gum disease have a higher risk of developing blood sugar problems or heart disease than those who don’t have gum disease, according to the National Institute of Dental and Craniofacial Research.

While these studies continue for researchers to determine the direct association between our overall health and oral health, determining if gum disease is in the only cause for these health conditions has yet to be achieved. That said, what we do know is that oral health does have more of an impact on your entire body’s health; not just ensuring you have a healthy, beautiful smile.

Gum Disease & Complete Body Health – Associations

While researchers lack definite proof that gum disease and unfortunate health issues link together, the many instances make it hard to believe it’s simply a coincidence. There are certain connections that seem to associate with the health of your body and your oral health.

  • Clogged arteries have been associated with major oral inflammation and can cause pain.
  • Women with gum disease have a higher risk for delivering low-weight and/or pre-term babies than those without gum disease, according to certain studies.
  • Osteoporosis is linked with loose teeth.
  • Certain oral bacteria types can actually produce an infection of the arterial cells and make the heart’s walls weaker, according to the American Society of Microbiology.

Gum Disease & Orthodontic Treatments

What is the link between orthodontic treatment and gum disease? When you want a straighter smile, braces will definitely help you achieve that, however, they serve a bigger purpose than providing a beautiful, straight smile. With straight teeth you have an easier time of properly cleaning them, ensuring you remove all the plaque and other bacteria. Flossing is also easier because you can actually get between the teeth to effectively remove the small food particles stuck there. Your dentist or periodontist is able to perform most procedures in his or her office.

While there may not be definitive proof in the links of orthodontics and whole body health, it’s pretty clear that ensuring a healthy mouth increases the chances of a healthy body. You can talk to your orthodontist at your next visit to learn more and get answers to your questions.


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