Precautions to protect the baby teeth

Take care of your baby’s teeth, including attention to deciduous dental caries, tooth extraction in a clear distinction between primary teeth and permanent teeth, drink milk before going to bed well after the baby teeth baby tooth injury protection and treatment should be done.

Parents to this view, often the baby suffered toothache intrusion. Manifested in varying degrees, the baby will not eat the fragrant, sleep anxiety, emotional instability, things do not concentrate. In addition, as inflammation of the throat teeth, will not bring disaster to the eruption, although permanent teeth Dental Artcles of children 6 years old, but until all the end use for 6 years or so, milk teeth should be replaced after 10 years of age. Therefore, the replacement period, caries of primary teeth should be taken seriously, as appropriate, for the treatment and filling, this child’s physical and mental development, nutrient absorption, especially in the development of jaws and teeth are of great benefit.

Children’s primary teeth and permanent teeth on the permanent dentition stage mix, experienced dentist usually easy to distinguish. But for those who have tooth shape variation of the permanent teeth, it must be carefully identified. Most parents know part of the tooth error, such as the first cross-molar (ie, age six teeth), often quietly behind the eruption of the molars, some parents tend to regard it as “not permanent teeth,” the teeth, caries does not appear concerned about the delay important role of Fengyun treatment of permanent teeth. The other case, the approximate shape of molars transverse molar, some parents took it the wrong that cross teeth, to replace the term does not remove it, affecting the normal eruption of permanent teeth. On the front teeth, some parents mistakenly put permanent teeth when the “not-for-teeth,” asking those stupid doctors to remove, resulting in lifelong damage.

Are difficult to identify the deciduous or permanent teeth, they should please experienced specialist diagnosis, not to act rashly. Simply put: where the eruption of the teeth after the age of 6, are permanent. Except for a few more teeth, in general, can not be removed, and be carefully protected.

Drink milk to help baby sleep no more than your baby before bedtime drink more milk or juice so that they quickly fall asleep, and unfortunately, these things for your baby’s teeth and gums is lethal. Studies have shown that 11% of preschool children because of tooth decay intake of sweets before going to bed, not any teeth caused.

Experts suggest that if the baby before going to sleep really need a drink, then give him a glass of white water; if breast-fed baby must Jaw pain or toothache may indicate heart disease be asleep, then after eating a piece of wet gauze to gently wipe the teeth and gums, these practices can reduce caries bacteria to the tooth erosion.

Laissez-faire attitude dental trauma children are very good move, when the front teeth by trauma is most likely to bear the brunt of the injured area, often broken front teeth due to trauma and loss caused by the situation. If you fall off the teeth, can not ignore it if it has been replaced by permanent teeth should not be underestimated the. You should immediately go to the hospital replantation surgery, children’s regeneration ability, replantation success rate is high. Even if the crown has been broken, leaving only are they can not be easily removed. Can be broken root for root canal treatment reserved for the future to repair the root basis for the preparation. To do so than to re-insert denture teeth to pull out a lot easier.

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